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I am wanting to know what i need to buy... And where to buy it?
My slave cylinder hydraulic line broke at the transmission above the bleeder screw and i was just going to buy a new line but the fitting that broke is on the slave cylinder itself do i need to pull the transmission to replace everything or just find a fitting?
this problem only happens when it is hot outside, and when it happens when i turn the key, nothing happens, I have power. If I lift the hood up and wait for a while the car will start again.
Tell me how to fix it Please
only when I let off the gas
low idle 500rpm a/c wont blow cold at idle, when we bought it this was not a problem have owned car 7 years.
didn't pass smog emission
The head lights were knocked out of place some of the front end is has fell apart such as the plastic place holders that held in both head lights and also on my back end my break light button sticks so it's constanly on so unless I prop something under the brake it stays on and drains my battery.
The muffler has a hole in it and needs replacing. It is getting loud.
car will not run properly. rough idle and sputtering when driving. and cant press the accelerator very far.
Simply looking for the location of the temp sensor, pretty crowded under this hood.
car overhrated annd broke down
OK when accelerating from a stop or from rolling it is continuously jerking like your playing with the gas pedal and it will go through 1st gear and into 2nd,still jerking and it will not shift past 2nd gear and the Rpm's just keep going up. I already changed the transmission fluid and filter when it first started this problem and there were metal shavings in the trans. pan but after the fluid change this problem continues. What could it be. 2.2l 4,cyl ecotech engine... automatic transmission
without having access to a proper scan tool. And without taking my car to a chevrolet dealorship? THANK YOU!
I pluged my OBD2 scanner into the ECM port. Icon shows connected to OBD port but unable to retrieve MIL codes. Check engine light does come on with ignition turned on.
I didn't run a scan on the road test yet. Car does run slightly ruff. Sometimes hard to start. Fuel, fuel pump and air filter replaced. Scratching my head???
Systoms seem to be like a bad coil but not famalier with the 4 cyl. Trying to help a friend. Is ther a ignition control module? (ICM)
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