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3.1l engine z24 package

When purchasing a new power steering pump for a 2000 Chevy Cavalier 2.4L, does the pulley come as a completely separate part or is the pulley already assembled to the pump?

I took pin box connection apart to clean terminals and am having problems putting it back. How do i rewire to get lights working.? I have checked all other items, switch, fuses ,bulbs

I was told to have electrical checked out??

After i turn off the car the engine is making a loud noise still which has never happened before.

I have tried to hook up a harness for an after stock radio but there is no power. So far the only wire i can not find on the factory is the ignition power wire.

Happens when my car is stopped.

It goes off after the computer is reset and we drive around for a bit. What could be causing this? How can we fix it?

The glass in front of the bulb seems dirty. Can I clean them myself? How?

The low is too low and the high is too high. How can I get something in between?

My car has both a power port and a lighter port the power port should stay on but the lighter should turn off when i open the door, It doesn't this keeps my dashcam running 24x7 if I dont unplug it.

I changed my own oil but the service light keeps flashing thinking the oil needs to be changed

The brakes work fine its just the light randomly flashes

Originally, the turn signal lights, hazard light and brake lights didn't work. I replaced switch with new switch, but used one that did not have cruise control. does this matter. (It did get the brake lights to work now)
I replaced relay, but still have no turn signal or hazzard

It's a whum whum whum sound when rolling

I see 4 12mm bolts on the back and that connects it to the McPherson strut

which o2 sensor should be replaced? is the sensor pre-catalytic or post-catalytic

When try to start car shakes I think one of the pulley wheels have locked up.any thoughts would be helpful

Just had my fan and assembly replaced and now my airbag warning light is on

Won't go into gear so I hooked the link up now I'm missing a cable that hook up to the gear box that's under the hood

Ok so last week my clutch pedal started acting funny. Keep in mind 02 cavalier with 207k. I started noticing my pedal would slowly start dropping closer and closer to floor and when it would get really low I could pump it alot and my pressure would bounce right back to normal. Slowly after it would start to drop as a drove more and more until today my pedal has finally dropped all the way and there is no more pressure. The reservoir regardless is still full and there's no signs of leaks anywhere. I tried bleeding fluid from what I think is the slave cylinder but it doesn't do anything all pressure is gone. Should the slave be replace or could it be the master? Anyone with the same issue plz help. Clutch released and grabbed excellent just a pressure issue


My sunroof was off track but I fixed that issue. Now I can't get the motor to catch on the little red gear plug for it to open and close properly.

My dash was falling apart so I took it out and now I don't remember how the vacuum lines went

I got ran off the road into a small ditch, it didnt cause me to have to stop or check my car. It drove approximately 60 miles that day. The next day I got approximately 25-35 miles and then it started smoking and kicked or jerked then died. It started back up but only for just a moment. I cannot remember if it made a pop sound or bang. I have been asked that question before in regards to this.
When I try to turn it on the fuel pump does come on. But that's all.
Could it possibly be ANYTHING else other than the engine? Is there a way to test something, or do something or some kind of mechanics " trick " as my uncle would say. And maybe to be able to find out or diagnose the ACTUAL and ACCURATE cause or issue?
I have been reading and studying on this for 2 yrs. I dont want to junk it, because its just idiotic to do so, even if it was the engine, the car itself is perfect inside and out, no wrecks, paid off, and you can get a new engine for as little as FREE-$375 depending on who you know. Some people however would pay $1500 or so by taking it to a shop and having to pay there price for a new engine.
Anyway, its worth more than $100-$200 to me.
So while I have had so much time to just read about it, since I have not been able to come up with $375, what a salvage yard has a new engine for, I read that it may be the computer module. Or ECM? Or eccetera. Is this true?
How can I find out? Please can you help me? I thank you more than ever, so very much. Thank you.

When I hook up my OBDII it reads as I said that there is some kind of evap system error. I already replace the gas cap which removed the original trouble code I had and I have no new TC. It says not ready for smog test but is this something they might not hit me for? Since there is no TC?

It happens when I'm in the middle of a turn or just when i press the gas to drive. .I want to know if it's my spark plugs or something else?

How do I diagnose CV joint problems?
When I put transmission into drive or reverse there is sometimes (not always) a loud "clanking pop". Now there has developed also a persistent vibration above about 40 mph. Can't tell where it's coming from.

nothing wors on my dashboard

The oil is leaking into the alternator and on the belt.