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When I start the car I hear a clicking noise
In the middle of my dashboard
Driver's side seat belt light and service air bag message come on and stay on. Dealership replaced sensor but light and message came back within 30 days.
..the car won't start... battery good....but gear level stuck at "P" position
Did it timing chain and water pump on a 2012 captivia 2.5 refill the coolant system and now I can't get it to quit overheating
Fan mother runs when tested and replaced fan resistor still won't kick on
The heat in my Captiva will not warm up properly. It blows out cold air while sitting and will only heat up when accelerating. Also it has started over heating and losing coolant but can't seem to find where it is going. The oil is fine.
I've tried getting the heat on a.c. blows out but can't get the heat to blow out
Air blows small amount through vents heater won't heat
Air conditioner is working. But the middle and left and right vents are not blowing. The floor vent do work
It does not steer as though it has power steering. Have checked fluid and also for any recalls. It does not steer like my Encore. Very hard to turn steering wheel.
When i am at a stop light my rpms go up and my car wants to go
I went to get lunch oneday AC was working awesome got back in suv it hasnt worked since and it says -40 on outside temp
The car not start
2013 Chevy Captiva. None of the 3 actuators for the heat/AC belnd doors work. manually moving the blend door results in heat, etc. Blower works fine, heated seats work fine. Lights on the controls work fine. Hard to imaging all 3 actuators are bad. Can't find any blown fuses (identified one in engine compartment and one under glove box to check based on labeling). I am thinking it must be the control head (knobs and switches) on the dash @ $134 but though I'd ask for another opinion 1st.
Seems the heat is not working although the blower works and blows air it is not warm
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