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how many man hours on changeing fuel line and tank

I have a 1994 Chevrolet Caprice with a 5.7 engine. I recently had the optispark changed to stop a backfiring problem. The day after that I got the fuel pump changed. When I went to pickup the car I couldn't drive off unless I had the hazard lights on. Here's the other part of the problem, when I turn on the headlights the car cuts back and cuts off. My taillights are so dim that u can't tell their on and the third brake light stays on...unless I have the hazards on. However, the hazards blink slow but never completely cut off and while the hazard lights are on my third brake light functions normally, but no other lights. I've checked fuses and wires, nI need help

my batteries going dead after 3 to 4 weeks---new batteries

my caprice only has a dummy light for the temperature. i would like to install an aftermarket temp. gauge,are there any spare ports for the new temp. probe and if so where is it.

How often should I grease the front end on my 1991 Chevrolet Caprice?

my 1992 chevy caprice classic,350v8 runs great,starts,powerful,then all the sudden after driving and especially when coming to a stop,the engine stalls and the check engine light comes on.then it starts right up and drives away?could it be related to vaccuum lines?/thanx..p.s i love this car,please help..

The car stalled on me and would not start. The water pump went out so I had the water pump replaced and the mechanic said that it was not getting a spark so I had the distributor changed and the ignition coil but it still will not start.

Code 43 (esc) my car gave me this codes when checked on the computer I've already changed the knock sensor. Car is idled up very high and can't get it down

drove the car home from work and it rained all day then the next day it was still raining but it would not start it sounded like it wanted to but would'nt then today the sun was out and went to start it at 7pm today and it started rt up like nothing but before it rained i drove it all over

Maybe the 9C1 specs? Will accept a bit of ire wear for best handling (OK, I know it's not a Corvette...) I keep its newer tires at 38 psi cold. Car is all stock, low mile, but with a hefty rear sway bar added.

I have a 1970 chev with a rag top what kind of oil goes in the res. to rase and lower the top. I know the car I listed isnt the same as the ?

My 1989 chevy Caprice has a bad flex joint in the tilt section of the steering column. can I change just the knuckle or do I have to change the entire column?

When first start a cold engine and put the car in drive I get a noise that sounds like an exhaust leak. It only last for the first minute or two and goes away. I put the trans in neutral while moving and raced the engine and no noise. Put it back in drive and the noise comes back.

how do i no when they are going bad my car hesitate to go. itz like it isn't getting gas i have replace the fuel filter and put carb/injector cleaner in it i also changed the trans scrainner

I replaced the thermostat heat was blowing out hot, but could smell antifreeze thru the vents, Replaced heater coil stop smelling antifreeze, but heat blows out luke warm. Losing antifreeze but it isn't leaking outside the car. What could be the problem?

how do i take the steering wheel collar off to check the dimmer switch wiring do u have a diagram of how it should look

When i get into my car at night after it been setting a while it takes a long time before my dim lights to come on when i flick the dimmer switch all the headlights go out tonight the dims came bac on but very very dim the brights came on but the bright light indactor didnt on the dash panel what cay=uses this

How do I replace the driver side headlight in my 1992 Caprice? It only works when the bright lights are on. Thank you.

engine turns over but wont start what should I do

For the past two months, my 'service engine soon light' has been rarely flashing on and off. However, the light does not stay on nor does it appear after I've started my engine and has driven for a while. When the light does appear, it will only be on for a minute or less than that. Im really confused because I need to know if it's a sign of a serious problem so that I can get it fixed.

My car engine is now 350 and the pipes are from my old engine and need to be welded on to fit.

How much should this cost? and where can I get this done?

I have a 1978 Chevy Caprice Classic(WOULDN'T DATE BACK TO THE SEVETIES), 305 5.0 engine, 350 Transmission. It wouldn't go into reverse out of the blue one day, so I replace the strainer and fluid. It went into reverse and shifted perfectly fine untill the next day. My reverse acts like neutral, and neautral acts like drive. I have to turn the engine off and push my car in reverse myself to park it

What could be the problem my car goes in reverse sometimes and rarely when its cold out side? Would it be a trans solenoid? Bout how much to fix that problem? And has an exhaust leak and is the only option replacing it? And ballpark estimate for that! Thank u!

My car ran out of gas so it sat up in the cold for about 4 days before I refilled the tank. After my car was refilled I put gumout in to clean my carburator and fuel injectors, I also put some heet in to absorbs any water that may be in the gas line. it ran good for a day and now it won't even start up. Everything on it is new except spark plugs in wires. Can someone explain what the problem may be? One person told me to drop my gas tank and unfreeze the line! While another person said to change my spark plugs and wires!!! What do you think??


my chevy caprice overheated lastnight and now it want crank

do I have to take the tilt steering apart to change the ignition rack gear

Ok, so I first noticed this problem a couple of weeks after I installed new brake pads on the front of my car. At first, I thought the leftside caliper had siezed up, so I went ahead and replaced both calipers. That didn't solve the problem so I checked and replaced the front hoses and the rotors. To make a long story short, I pretty much re-did the whole brake system (including a re-built master cylinder). The only thing I didn't replace was the combination valve, steel lines, and abs module. I'm starting to think it might not be a brake issue. Can anyone please help me with this headache?

Trying to replace my master cylinder on my car. I have it attached to the booster but can't get the first line coming from the combination valve screwed in straight . I don't know if it is bent or something else.

I am not able turn the ignition key towards the ACC position, otherwise the ignition lock works fine.
Have the same problem on a spare steering column for my '72 Buick Riviera. A common problem!?