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I disconnected the motor but it still blows the fuse can you help

I went to get some gas one day and it started messing up you guys do not have that year you guys do not have that year up there

Is there anyone that have all wiring diagram of caprice LS 1990?

Does anyone know how much is the pressure of the fuel in fuel lines before the injectors.

In my caprice LS 1990 when I totally push the gas pedal for acceleration, some black smoke comes from the exhaust. How can I fix it.

I have a caprice LS 1990. It takes 3 times start to run the engine. I check when I put the key in acc mode no gas comes to it's injectors but when I turn the key to start the car after 2 or 3 times of starting it run. I also check the pump connectors behind the rear bumper. When the key is in acc mode no voltage comes but when I start it come 12 volt. Please show me how can I fix it.

when my gas gauge reaches 1/4 tank it starts to bounce to full then back to 1/4. this goes on for a while then just sticks at full

I have a 93 caprice and when I go over the speed 55 and slow down my engine starts to idle up n down and my service engine soon light will come on and then when I come to a complete stop my car would cut off. nobody seems to kno the problem I think its my vaccum holes.

It does this every time i drive none stop

Just happened last thursday.

I changed the spark plug, spark plug wires, the distributor cap, and just recently changed the oil.

1989 caprise classic 5.0 E carberated

need to know where fuse is located if there is one

I'm trying to replace the steering column and there is a plastic piece on the steering wheel and I don't know how to remove it.

If I'm driving and start to slow down my car cuts off

use of b12 or gas treatment before each fill up, good or bad?

when I bought the car the previous owner mentioned it needed a heater core. upon a closer look, I noticed it was not holding water after long periods of travel. as soon as the car was shut off it would leak antifreeze. that is when I saw that the heater core lines had ben cut about 3" coming from the core and firewall itself. I also found the hose was missing that went to the block itself. I plugged the two hoses for now and fixed the hose that should have been going into the block and no more fluid leak, but I still need to get a heater core ASAP

half to let it sit bout 5 min before it runs right

it will start, run for about 2 sec, then dies. if i disconnect the temperature control sensor it will start and idle perfectly for about twenty seconds then dies. Whats the problem, i just replaced the temp- control sensor, the fuel filter, and the o2 sensor is only 6 months old.

I have a 1989 Chevy caprice I have replaced the steering column and the starter and for some reason the car won't start I have also replaced fuel pump, all computer chips and ignition module, I really need some help so if u could give me some advice on why the car won't start I would appericate it.

sometimes when I tried to accelerate high speed, knocking on engine comes and when i'm parked for almost 30 minutes while engine still running, the water coolant light indicator appear on the dashboard. it means the engine is overheating.

Gas gauge not working nor is the fuel light

It cranks right up but if it sits in one spot for about 10 minutes it will shut off by itself then we will have to let it sit for hours before it will crank back up....

the car rides fine, until the engine is completely warm which causes check engine light to come on. If you turn car off and crank up without waiting or you can wait, check engine light is off and car rides fine again until check engine light comes back on. Then it loses power and blogs all over again.Changed wires, plugs, filters, do not no what else to do can anyone help please. Thank you God Bless.

The light works from time to time.Can you please help me with this problem?

On cold starts, the car is fine in the idleing, or park position, but when I drive it before letting it heat up there is a knocking/grinding noise coming from the rear of the car. The more I drive it, it stops but then I start having shakeing when applying the brakes and rough idling.

WHy is that?

I replaced water pump, thermostat and coolant. I have little but some heat. blower works fine just minor heat coming from the blower. in heat mode and also in defrost

I've checked all the fuses and harnesses for fuel pump and injectors and the they're good. Problems occured when I got the intake gaskets switched out for new ones. Initiallly the timing was not set correctly after the guy put everthing back together. After I got that fixed what seemed to be a bad fuel pump turned out to be no electricity getting to the fuel pump. What other steps can I use to solve this problem?

car & engine running great. water pump just replaced. coolant flush recent. no engine code. heater valve is new. heater core is NOT leaking.