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i was told i needed it fix before my next oil change

It will not move even when pushing on gas just change 4 file pumps

you can put it in drive and go but wen it get to second gear going into 3rd it wont go into it unless you press on d gas hard

I recently bought the car. But it had sat up for 7 years prior to me buying it. The car ran perfect at first. Then it I was on the expressway driving about 60mph when it suddenly slowed down to 30mph. Drive it back home, replaced the fuel pump, and filter. Now when we try to start the car up, the throttle body catches fire when it starts up. Help please....Also replaced were the starter, cap, rotor,and plugs.

Old motor works, but runs slow (and only on high). Replaced the motor and now have full power, but inside spindle won't turn, so wipers only go up 4". Put old motor back on and spindle turns fine and wipers go all the way up (super slow). Second motor is an exact match for my vehicle. What could be wrong?

The coolant runs out the radiator back into the coolant jug then i have to wait a while for it to cool back down and the oil light stay on but it is full of good oil

96 caprice classic's cooling fans will not turn on. the only time it turns on is when the A/C is on high (passenger side cooling fan). The A/C blows hot air, I haven't added any R134a to it yet. The 25a Air fuse under the hood has been replaced twice but keeps burning out. I flushed the radiator and replaced the thermostat. Please help.

Car acts like there's a huge hydraulic door closer mechanism on the throttle, not allowing it to slow down the revs . . . and hence, will not allow the car to slow down safely. In addition, it is very hard to stop, since the drive wheels are fighting the brakes. I figure that it's a maladjustment, to do with its emissions system.

How do I get the alert light off.

Can't hear fp pumping at all now

Nothing will come on and the vehicle will not start. I have no lights when the door opens and the horn doesn't work and the battery reads good.

my front calipers were hanging up so i replaced them, still does the same thing, so far i replaced master cylinder, proportioning valve, all metal and rubber brake lines, calipers pads and rotors and still having problems, what else can be the problem?

Wagon won't stop as of a week ago. New brakes and master cylinder,early June 2014. Have bleed when brakes were done and again a week later when new master cylinder was installed. Now pedal goes to floor and difficult to stop with e-brake at times. Any suggestions.....

But if I wait an hour until it cool off it will start an I change ever part that have something to do wit it so wat can it be

Does any one know how I can read diagnose code without scan tools?

I had a tune up and oil change. Cleaned the throttle body. Had the injectors cleaned. New air filter. There's no vacuum leaks. Going to change the fuel filter next but dont know if that will work either. Engine light comes on but dont have any codes.

Car starts great when cold and runs good! When I stop for 15 to 30 min. the car will not start, tries to start but won't stay running, spits and sputters then may or may not start and runs rough when it finally does start. No codes. Fuel pressure is fine and we took catalytic converter off but nothing solved the problem. What next??

I washed engine and then it doesn't start I find that its distributor module burn and I changed it after 3 days the engine run for 2 or 3 min. and it dies. Again I changed its module and it's coil but the problem is still there. Please help to fix it. Tanx

Just got a car when I drive it it runs fine but sometimes it will die when I go to takeoff. Then when it does iI have to try starting back up and not hit the gas. If I do it dies atomatically help I'm a female with no clue

Sprayed starting fluid into intake and car still will not start. Drove the other day and felt like it was going to cut off like not getting fuel. Been sitting 2 years, changed oil, new gas, Lucas gas treatment. Been driving for 3 days then problem started

Can not get this excellent item down here in Australia anymore.
I don't seem to be able to get to the Pete Jackson web page, l have run the gear drive in two of my cars being 1980 & 1983 Holden WB Statesman Sedans, wishing to make contact with someone whom might be able to help out, as l really don't wish to use the Australian version of the real deal/ real thing any help would be great these v8 engines are both 308cc 5.0 litres and not even my Pete Jackson gear drive Holden box has a part number love the bloody loud noise please help my American friends from Tex Norman Po Box 1226 Croydon Victoria 3136 Australia.

Ive located the fuse box but none of the fuses are labeled Blower motor or Fan. My A/C works but no air is being pushed out thru the vents. Ive been told to look for the Fuse labeled Blower Motor or Fan but none of them are labeled with either of those names. Is it the small plastic fuse or one of the larger metallic type fuses? where is it located on the fuse box and what is it called? Thank You.

it will turn over but doesn't want to start like it isn't getting any fuel this is the first time ive had this problem or any problem for that matter

I disconnected the wiper motor and it still blows the fuse