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what is the cost of an engine shaft alignment...
started it back up and the pedal went all the way to the floor, i look under the car and fluid dripping from my transmission area by the slave cylinder i guess, any help please
A few days ago it was work in fine ,now it's works only when riding
I have a 1980 camaro, I keep losing engine oil, its not going out the tailpipe, I can't see any leaks, but when I checked my rad, it was full of oil. The rad has a transmission line cooling the tranny and this site says that if the head gasket is leaking it will cause radiator fluid to go into the engine oil, so I was wondering if anyone has had this happen before and could dissect my problem before I sink money into fixing the wrong part
I have a 1995 Camaro and would like to buy a new radio. I was just wondering if there is a certain type or style that I need to get, and what brands you think are the best? Also, how easy would it be to install? Would I be able to do it myself, or should I pay someone to do it for me?
It does this more frequently. What is the solution?
is it thermostat/ gas cap/ or is it something else...check light is on
add a bigger cam and put some 350 head on it is that possible?
best anti freeze to replace in system...
I have pulled both front wheels off, no damage noted, but the sway bar looks like it is cracked.
Computer says number 6 cylinder needs replacement. Not sure where it is located. Please help.
I changed the water pump on my 1995 Chevy camaro z28 5.7 liter.and now the car won't start .it has power an I've checked all the wires .idk
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