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At low speed no vibration is noted but at high speed the vibration is very intense.
Car has 85000 mi and it is V6 manual transmission.
Having problems with car idling. It idles very high. Its a 6 cylinder engine. It revs at 1500 and it moves slightly above that and then "service engine soon" light appears. I would like to know if this is a common thing and how I should go about repairing this problem.
At first we thought it was the fuel pump, but we changed that and the fuel filter and it still wouldn't start so we tryed a new PCM and that still didn't work. The car was getting no fuel pressure to the rails, Then we jumped the relay switch and it got 45 psi, But still would not crank spark plugs are getting fire, and injectors are getting pulsing, i know this by testing the wires for the injectors but still would not crank. We shot gas through the intake and it turned over but still would not crank, We found small round particles in the gas and the gas was dark yellow but the car has been sitting for 6 and 1/2 months. I love my car and would love to fix it, But I'm not sure what else to do!
Do you recommend certain mileage on the vehicle as when to change the rearend differential oil!?
all the dash lights and radio every thing comes on but no engagement of the starter
I can hear a rub sound when making sharp turn and was told I need to change rear end fluids/seals.. The car only has 8,400 miles..
they replace water pump,,but leak is still there,i did state to the shop,leak from rear of engine, 30 days later, same area of leak from engine..i believe it from thermostat they are telling me upper intake gasket...why they replace water pump..when leak is still in rear
what is all done in the repair of replacing the water pump
Sometimes it sounds as if it's coming from back drivers and I hear it more on the drivers side usually.
Called dealer to find replacement for smog pump. The recall was already done but failed, trying to find replacement for smog pump.
It will not go up after you shut car off, but will go down, does not go down sometimes when you open the door, sometimes it will go down but not up when shutting the door. Have done the relearn thing many times works a couple of times then goes nuts again!
When I drive there is some kinda of ticking sound that gets faster as i drive, but its NOT associated with the RMP when the car is in park and I rev there is no ticking sound only when im actually moving Im not sure if its wheel related or breaks maybe, rotors? I also should no i do have break grab upon slowing down and very very faint grinding. Is the ticking related I can hear it when i roll down the passenger side window kind of towards the back i think HELP!
recently got a 97 camaro, vats equipped. ign lock had been jimmied to work, no key. car does run but drains battery. security light stays on. hoping ign lock replacement fixes problem. anything else i should know ?
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