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it failed the smoke test for emissions and it does leak oil i noticed but it drives smooth also the smoke is like a gray blue color b from tail pip not to much only when you drive for about an hour or 2 what can this be how can i fix to pass emissions?

Ive never had a problem with my car til car is hard to start.and when I get it started it shakes like crazy.whats going I need a new belt, transmission or alternator? ?when I drive it, I cant go over 30 withoit it shaking like crazy

mostly in reverse

I have already tried replacing the motor and that is not the problem. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Also, when the driver window stops working, the passenger stops working as well. HELP! My windows are down and I need them up

There is a recall for my chipped key could that have anything to do with my starter going out?

There is a recall for my chipped key could that have anything to do with my starter going out?
Can i wait to replace the flywheel or will it cause major problems if i dont replace with the starter now?

to help me proceed against Auto Tech and Body in Pompano or can you refer me to any attorney who does auto law after the gross negligence, incompetence or deliberate actions to secure return business cost the original engine of my 1996 Chevy Camaro RS, a car that I have owned since she was 16 miles old, caused me a serious medical emergency and cost me $6000?
I am Camaro 96 and if you check my last post, I am inquiring about the same incident, only I tried to be fair in letting them "correct" their first engine pull which cost $4300, and was rife with leaks, as well as exhaust being pumped into the car cabin. I am now more afraid of the car I received the second time which cost me an additional $1700 plus tax. It is parked because it cannot be depended on to make the 12 miles from home to work and I am now living with and sharing my 82 year old father's car because after driving my car and coming home with major migraine type headaches for days from the increasing noxious fumes that I had been jokingly refering to as the dead dog they wiped my car with after my first accusations of gross negligence or incompetence, I was rushed for emergency services after I woke on the third morning with THE LEFT SIDE OF MY FACE COMPLETELY PARALYZED. Two days later, when I took the overheating and poorly accelerating car in somewhere else to be checked, I have pictures, mechanics testimony and receipts that will show there was ZERO ANTIFREEZE and only completely rusted water in the radiator flush. For the second time after Auto Tech and Body worked on my car I was advised to not drive the car until the engine can be pulled again to determine if the water was rusted when it was put in or if the engine block that was put in was completely rusted out because they told me they did not check or open it before they put it in. The warranty they gave me excludes overreving (I can Fred Flintstone it away from a light faster than it can accelerate while it revs extremely high), abuse (the fan bracket which secures the lower coolant hose had been snapped, epoxyed and the hose was hanging below the guard (I have pictures of this and how a mechanic had to secure it until the fan cover can be ordered and replaced), loss of oil (I can write my name on the oil pan's now leak) and overheating (which is how I found the zero antifreeze and rusty water in my radiator and 2008 replacement engine). A recipe for voiding their warranty. BTW, when I took my car back the second time to find that I would need to replace my original engine block, which they stated they had not opened, but John, the service manager knew that was what I expected for $4300 because who would have someone send out the head without at least checking and tending to the block and I had offered to buy the kit bec my other mechanics, who could not pull the engine allowed me to buy parts and just pay to have them installed. He assured me my engine would be like brand new!!! When I explained this to the owner's husband, who told me he was advised to put my car on the street by the big Corporation who owned this operation as they were not some small time "schlock" garage but he convinced them to try to fix it again and I would only have to pay for half of the replacement engine. State records show the Big Corporation is a woman in his home. He stated that the work order was done over the phone and I did not use the word "rebuild" so instead they had pulled the engine, sent out the head for $502, put in $900 in other parts (gaskets,hoses, sensors) and charged me for replacing these pieces separately into the car to tune of over $2700. Who installs the heart of a 90 year old man into the body of a person who has had all new organs transplanted? And why didn't the new oil sensor warn me that the engine block had no oil? They told me that because I could not afford to have th exhaust system replaced the car would continue to blow smoke. The noxious fumes I spoke of the first time I got the car back was that they had pulled the heating hose from the dashboard and to "save me hundreds" they did not replace that hose but instead redirected it back into the engine. Unfortunately, they left that hole open which forced any exhaust in the engine area right into the cabin of the car. Problem; they left part of the exhaust system uncoupled in the engine area that they charged me for an exhaust mounting kit. I had recently had the exhaust sealed and have a receipt for $170 and the engine was almost silent when I brought it in. When I came to pick up the car the first time, it was backed up to a fence and running quietly but as I pulled out of Auto Tech and Body, I stopped the car a block away to have my father stick his head into the car to have him hear how loud it was. The manager, John, told me that the owner's husband, the "General Manager", had driven my car home to his house the night before and no less than 3 people had asked to purchase it. When I asked the owner's husband about that statement, he seemed surprised that John had said that but recovered and proceeded to gush over my car and how everyone loved it. As I pulled off the lot, I wondered why if he had driven it at all, that he would have let me drive away with it. The car was so loud in the cabin I had to drive the car with the window open. I was not sure if the headaches I was getting were because of the noise or the smell of exhaust. I had to drive with the window open in the heat of the Florida summer on the highway to lower the sound in my car which was so horrible that I became the Queen of coasting. When I stepped on the gas the car would scream down the road!!! A woman I frequently drove home from work and I had to make each trip in silence or yell at ach other. Driving with the window open helped mask the exhaust fumes and probably saved my life as I even had to drive with the window open in the rain with a towel on my shoulder. I am taking my car to a mechanic who can pull my engine tommorrow and giving him a camera to document all my new leaks and other problems. But I am still paying off $6000 in maxed out credit card debt to Auto Tech and Body so any advice would be appreciated.

who is the how much does it cost to be cover

what is the cost of an engine shaft alignment...

started it back up and the pedal went all the way to the floor, i look under the car and fluid dripping from my transmission area by the slave cylinder i guess, any help please

A few days ago it was work in fine ,now it's works only when riding

I have a 1980 camaro, I keep losing engine oil, its not going out the tailpipe, I can't see any leaks, but when I checked my rad, it was full of oil. The rad has a transmission line cooling the tranny and this site says that if the head gasket is leaking it will cause radiator fluid to go into the engine oil, so I was wondering if anyone has had this happen before and could dissect my problem before I sink money into fixing the wrong part

I have a 1995 Camaro and would like to buy a new radio. I was just wondering if there is a certain type or style that I need to get, and what brands you think are the best? Also, how easy would it be to install? Would I be able to do it myself, or should I pay someone to do it for me?

It does this more frequently. What is the solution?

is it thermostat/ gas cap/ or is it something else...check light is on

add a bigger cam and put some 350 head on it is that possible?

best anti freeze to replace in system...

I have pulled both front wheels off, no damage noted, but the sway bar looks like it is cracked.

Computer says number 6 cylinder needs replacement. Not sure where it is located. Please help.

I changed the water pump on my 1995 Chevy camaro z28 5.7 liter.and now the car won't start .it has power an I've checked all the wires .idk

pulled p0171,0174,0300,1406, map high voltage, security enable, smoke tested leaking at lower intake replaced all intake & plenum gaskets map sensor & egr, repeat p1406 did check to new egr all voltages good, mode6 tells me fail on accel & decal did notice upon egr check egr control from computer cuts out voltage from actuators fuse from 12v to about 9v is this supposed to ground completely or gradualy upon acceleration?

need to change a barring on a compressor for a 1999 chevy camaro v6 3800 .. i need a repair manual or a video please

While replacing my clutch it is noticed that there is play (i can move it back and forth) in the crankshaft. I had no noise in the engine before I started the clutch replacement. Is this normal? What do I do to fix it?

year model not found