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It's getting fire and fuel but when I go to crank it it just whoops like crazy and dumps a lot of gas.
I recently got a sensor pop up on me the (SES) light , through the day it will come on for about 15 ,20 minutes the go off sometimes for the rest of the day and most likely pop up again the next day . Took it to autozone and they said it's my MAF Sensor giving me this problem . Changed it but light still comes on any help? Also feel a jerk at acceleration mostly during 1 and 2nd gear sometimes in the rest I have a 2000 Chevy Camaro v6 3800 series111
The book shows a plastic piece at the rear top center of the seat. I removed it , but there is no latch to release the seat back?
the convertible top leaks when it rains or i am washing the car. it leaks in from the front and sides. i have already tightened down the front latches. what do i do now?
Everything works as it should
not sure why its on security system works radio works car runs no problems
My 1997 Chevy Camaro Won't start. Everything works when I turn key on, except none of my warning lights come on and the car won't start when I try to crank it. It doesn't do anything at all
My air conditioning is blowing hot air
Every other time I go somewhere I haft to tow it home.
Datastream only shows 2 sensors
Hi, when I start the engine on my Camaro RS 2014 one headlight start to be yellow for few seconds and after she close. What's wrong...the bulb ? GM told me the cost of the bulb is 270$ plus an hour to install ?!?!? Should I replace the bulb or try something else?
need to know if 98 Camaro parts will interchange with 99 Camaro parts
See above question
It happens randomly. Dashboard and headlights tay on even when i turn key off and pull key out. I have to unhook battery. Then it randomly starts again. It cud take a few hours or a few days and jyst starts up again. I can drive it one day or 2 weeks and it will just shut off while driving. Noone can fix it. Isnt fuel pump!!!!
I know 2014 bolts for transmission don't line up that y I asked
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