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While replacing my clutch it is noticed that there is play (i can move it back and forth) in the crankshaft. I had no noise in the engine before I started the clutch replacement. Is this normal? What do I do to fix it?
year model not found
when I start the car and put it in neutral it coasts forward. and in reverse it fights itself forward and reverse. it seems to always be in forward gear. I thought I put the gasket on right. did I plug something our put the pump gasket in wrong.
codes po171,po174 and po446
what can I do myself, electric trunk latch will not open?
Im constantly having light smoke come from the front of the car. IT comes slightly through the steering wheel, from under the hood .. (no oil leaks seen)
fuel pump comes on when key is turned on and runs when the relay is triggered manually. im thinking crank sensor?
the Camaro V6 has 4 sensors. Are they all the same? I'm getting a code of engine 7E8 with my code scanner. Checked with onstar diagnostics and they said it is my camshaft position sensor.
My boyfriend moves the seat when he drives and now it won't recline back forward only backwards
I replaced driver side oxy sensor and cleared the code
car runs much better, but light came back on. Also on same fail is three blinking blue dots. Can only remember one. Its for an oxy sensor heat modulator. ?? What the? Any advice to get me past ca. Smog inspection would be welcome. Thanks. Rick Fodge..
changed out computer will the key start the car
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