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Is it as simple as to twist the silver ring a quarter turn counterclockwise to release the leather boot and expose the screw, or is there more to it than that? I have tried to turn the silver ring but it is not budging and I am afraid I might break something.
my battery just died, i try to shut the driver side door but the window keeps hitting the upper side of the car body because in the camaro the window should slide down a bit and then go up again when i fully close the door. door latch is working fine. i have a 2014 camaro ss
im gonna replace the battery tommorrow its just that its 3 am and i want to close it before i sleep.
Can’t hear motor or windows will not lower when trying to let the top up. When trying to close the top you can hear the motor and the windows lower
I have a 2015 2SS commemorative edition Camaro that already has a ZL1 rear spoiler on it. The spoiler has been damaged and I wanted to know if a 2016 ZL1 spoiler would fit on the 2015 as a replacement
The codes are P0172 Fuel Trim System Rich Bank 1 P0175 Fuel Trim System Rich Bank 2 , P0324 Knock Sensor Module Performance P0336 Crankshaft Position Sensor Performance please help
Moved my car 2 hours ago , no problem. Went back to go to store won't start all instrument lights come on , air conditioning fan will turn on , but car still won't start. I do notice car sign with a pad lock on it. Please help !!! I'm in a hurricae
Driving on streets or Hiway when I turn A/C on car acts like it is shutting off. I turn A/C back off and it sputters and kicks back in.
My air conditioning is blowing hot air
I was told that I must replace rotors with break pad.., on my 2011 camaro ss
Problem started today but car runs fine.
Driver's side power/heated seat doesn't work. Replaced circuit breaker in dash box & checked fuse in engine box (seems ok). Drained original battery, so just bought new one. Chckd for block on track-none. No sound from seat motor. Please help/share if you have had/fixed this issue. Thanks!
All the time
I was told I need to change mass air flow sensor and/or II need to get my Power Balance out this is the first time I've used this so what do I do it almost feels like it has to catch up with itself
Brake rotors are cast iron and rust in the non-brake pad areas. Factory Camaro wheels allow a clear view of the rust and it looks horrible. How do the experts deal with this problem? I've looked at after-market rotors with ceramic paint but they cost a fortune. I've also seen a website for a rust removing chemical. Could the rotor be removed and soaked in this chemical to remove rust - and then paint ? Any recommendations on approving the appearance??
Vehicle will not start when key is turned will not get no light on panels pretty much dead, we let it sit for up to 1 hr vehicle will start and the Track stabilizer will illuminate for about 30 secs then disappears
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