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My 2004 S10 blazer w/ 4.3L (X engine code) will change from idle speed to almost 0rpm when stopped. This happens when engine is hot or cold. No codes. Only 78k miles on vehicle. What could it be?

95 chevy blazer, v6 vortec 4.3 4door 4Wd

Alright so we are at a loss here and we have had all our friends who re mechanics come out and try to fix it and no dice.
It started day 1 with a rough idle, but then it was fine once you got going. Day 2 it was not only idling rough but it was having trouble accelerating. (Sputtering) Day 3 every time you let off the gas it stalls and won't start unless you spray starting fluid in it, but then it dies immediately. I don't want to keep doing that because I don't want to blow the intake. We replaced the distributor cap and the map sensor. It has fuel and great pressure, and it has good spark. help

I have been told by everyone I know or meet when driving that my Blazer smells strong of straight gas. Not exhaust. When I turn it off and it sits for a minute, it will eventually start making a sound from that same area as if it is letting pressure out. I took it to my mechanic and it turns out that he is the only person that can't smell gas at all. I did buy the blazer from him though, so I don't know what to think. I really don't want to die in a fire mess, and I am seriously sick of having to fill my tank every three days of my driving around. What can I do with this? It's hard times, cash is low, but with my job being out of town, I need my car.

like when slowing down to turn

its appears sometimes only

Radiator was replaced, and haven't had heat since. Replaced the thermostat, checked the blend door actuator and it works, did a heater core flush because one hose is getting hotter than the other, and bled the coolant lines and radiator to release any air pockets. Still no heat. Heater core is not leaking, I don't smell antifreeze when I drive... is there ANYTHING else it could be before I call it and just have my dash ripped out to replace the heater core? I'm 8 and a half months pregnant and need heat for my baby whose due in December.

When the heater fan is turned on, there is a squeal that is high pitch. The sound stays the same at all speeds. Is there a bearing that can be lubricated or does the fan have a bearing that can be replaced?

I recently replaced the transmission filter and one of the solenoids in the transmission pan. Also replaced the EGR valve, MAP sensor, Throttle position sensor, and computer. Still having surging when driving between 45 and 55 MPH. Also when first starting in the morning takes a while to go into reverse. Any help?

Car sat for about six months.

Car has been sitting for six months.

i have spray starting fluid in throddle valve to get to start, runs and starts fine when moter is warm. thank you.

is there a problem with power steering.

When her king the car makes squeak

Want to replace old engine with a new one

and it still doesnt work,,,any suggestions,,,we have the relay but dont know where it goes

I ran out of gas twice. Is my gas cap bad and all my fuel is evaporating. Or is the sending unit bad. Thanks

Need step by step instructions and or vidio