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i was using the cruise control for about 60 miles going up and down hills. I noticed that the car sort of slowed a couple of times going down a hill. never done this before.
Just bought the car and noticed the previous owner completely deleted the wiring harness to the sensor. Where does this harness tap into?
New file pump new file lines new file filter acts like its starving for gas and will not start can pour gas in throtal body fires up but won't run
Changed fule pump map sensor filter and file lines gets good fule to file rail but nothing to throtal body pour gas in throtal body and fires off but will not run
Yea got a diagnostic test on my blazer and it said something about the 5th cylinder not firing. What do I need to get to fix and what is going to be the price.
motor mounts, exhaust from heads back . I think I need a complete front end package?
I checked all the fuses battery connection everything is the way it should be fuses are fine no door locks no window power no lights no nothing
I have fixed alot of things ppl keep telling. Me thats whats worng with. It and it still doung the same thing after i pay to fix what im benign told
Besides the error code , when pumping gas the pump keeps shutting off, so you have to squeeze very gently to fill the tank.
I have a 2002 Chevy blazer 4 door..It was working fine and would turn on quick.It just didn't start oneday.Mechanic told me motor was the problem.I replaced the motor it did start engine and turned off once more and won't crank no more.My mechanic said the reason was of the alarm.What should I do noe?
when I shut off engine, lights stay on during the daytime (sometimes). they do not stay on at night.
I replaced the rotar cap and distributor button. Put new plugs and wires. Changed the injector and it still wont start. It ran fine and it just cut off so i replaced all those thinking it would help. It turns over and gets spark and fuel. I tried spraying starter fluid in and it still wouldnt start. I have no idea what to do. What could the problem be. I have a obd2 book scanner6830 but it said no dtc. I dont know what to do. Can someone please help.
The tail gate on the car is ajar so the glass hatch will not open. Does any one know how to get into this type of rear. I can only get the panel off part of the way. Top middle.

All the parts seem to be working ok .
the car ran before I installed the new parts, missed real bad.
I put fuel filter, cap, rotor, wires, plugs, and pickup in distributor, gets fire to plugs but won't start.
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