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I've have my Blazer for almost 330,000 miles, little things here and there but no sign of fault. All of a sudden the battery light came on, the next day the AMP brake light then parking break then Oil light, the blinkers stopped working, it started punching going form 1st to 2nd gear, then it just died and wont come back on, battery works fine just wont start, makes a horrible noise and speedometer runs up. Whats wrong, any idea?
Replaced battery x2, Autozone said battery is good of course, alternator is good , starter good, but could be on the verge of going bad or could be ignition. Car starts instantly after being jumped
I just got a blazer recently and I was running through everything to make sure it was in working condition. But when I came to the 2WD/4WD stick, I have a problem. I pulled it out of 2WD and into 4WD HI and it had no problems. Then from HI to Neutral and still no problems. Switched from Neutral to LO no problem either. However, when I tried to take it out of 4WD LO back into 2WD HI, the stick moves but it doesn't come out of 4WD LO. The vehicle still moves even with it in neutral. I thought that make disconnecting the battery like Ive seen a lot of people do would help but it had no effect. I also tried putting it in reverse and backing up and trying to disengage it that way but still nothing. Help please
Just changed blower motor today and still nothing
Recently I took my blazer for a drive and i noticed that with the parking brake completely up it takes excessive gas to move the car.There's a rubbing,and squeaking sound from the front could the caliber be locked up or worse.When driving the wheels roll not slide.
I have replaced the dashboard controller for the fan, temp, ac and direction. The same problem continues were the ac runs even though you select the flow of air to the windshield for defrost, then no air comes out except a small air flow comes out of the dashboard. There may be a short somewhere but don't know where to begin looking.
Is there a recall that would cover this????
My abs light is on and my brakes once in a while feel like they are grabbing... There is a bad pulsating in brake petal and I have to release and press down brake again sometimes a few times to get it to stop... I can also hear a noise before I press on brake...
I just replaced the radiator. That was a separate issue. I was told it could be the catalytic converter
if you add gasoline to the carburetor it automatically starts going but once the gasoline burns off it stops. So what would the problem be and where would the problem be?there is pressure coming to the top of the engine because gas comes out. Help me...
Just had my car worked on. New battery, vapor canister valve, a bunch of other stuff. Could a faulty horn relay or weak battery in keychain remote cause this to happen?
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