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Here's my issue. My car is leaking gas either from the fuel rail or fuel injection line in my motor.. The rail is rusted in a spot. So i am thinking it's the fuel rail. Can't be sure. Unless one can't leak that or has nothing to do with gas . For it to leak there. I knew i smelled gas for a while, wasn't sure if i was over reacting and stepping in it when i pumped it or what.Had someone look over it didn't see any issue at first. Then my radator was replaced . When they were replacing that and started the car is when finally they saw the gas actually coming out of the rail or injection line. So the issue had been going on for a while but was never claiffied til a while ago. I have not driven the car for like three months now. Thats not safe. I need some help.. i'd appreciate if you could give me your advice alot. Thanks! .

Sincerly , laura copeland

The car stalls at a light or complete stop its an automatic

there is a vroom vroom vroom when sloing down will stay runinng and will only do this ahen slowwing down to stop some times

this problem happened after the first replace ment of front pads how do i rest the back to make it more of a 60 40 ratio

my drivers seat is wore out,will the drivers seat and passenger seat swap out?

cost of timming belt/chain r&r.r&R of timming belt or chain not listed on your service items

do my 95 berretta hav a timing belt or chain

where is the cabin air on my car?

i have power alternator good battery good fuel pump good i got in it saturday morning it started right up added power steering fluid then got back in car when i shut the door the car died and now wont start back up HELP!!!!

I built a new 3.1 v6 and omitted the efi. I put on a 550 holly and msd igni box (6al) with a mallory distrib (unilight). When in park runs great and used timming light withen specs and sounds great when in park. When I drive it and get to 30mph it feels like I have a govener set at 30 mph but i dont. Motor has no smog on it, exempt. no sensors on it. Everything is new started from bear block. This is not my first build but this is my first problem like this.

the car will not shut off by the key

abs light stays on all the time and i dont know why

It happens everytime you drive the car.

Replaced rear brakes and now it feels like only the front brakes are stopping the car. Is there a way to tighten up the rear brakes without removing the wheels?

Do you have instructions for window replacement?

where would the fuel pump relay be ?

power steering fluid leaks and makes a noise when driven does that mean the power steering pump is bad

replace right front axle on 1996 chev beretta with auto trans

recently the serpentine belt went out on our beretta, my husband attempted to fix it, he got the belt on past the plate, now something is leaking and we think its power steering fluid, but when u drve the car the engine over heats...what could be causing this?

Where are they located?

Where is my low pressure switch located for the air- conditioning?

coolent leakage from heater core how much it will cost for part & labour?

hom many ignition coils are in this particular model chevey berretta gt.3.1 v6?

my engine light comes on when i push on the gas panle and go off when i dont?

Do i have to remove the motor mount in changing the belt or is there an easyier way

About two monthes agoMy vehicle began ideling eractically at a redlight,drive thru window or stopped for a train crossing..I saw the idle changing so I put in park and reved it to keep her alive.However,the car died right in traffic.i had a few guys push the car into a lot.I sat there for 10 minutes pondering my next move ,I turned the key and and it fired right up as if nothing happened.This occured two times only when the vehicle was in stopped but engaged in drive. !Two days ago I started the car and drove it for 10 minutes when I noticed that after 45 mph the vehicle was sluggish and hestating.I let the car sit for an hour.I jumped back in and it started and once in drive,it immediately died.Id start/engage in drive /and it died. .Then it would drive perfect for a mile or so and repeatly die.I managed to get it home....Ive changed the fuelfilter and and recieving proper fuel pressure.I recently had a someone scan with the MAC tool.The reference was pointing towards the ignition module.The rpms were eractic(up and dowm)and then the car would just die. It would die before getting the code.Ive narrowed it down to either an ingition module or the crank sensor hoping you may be able to give me your opinion ?


how do you jump on relay to run a cooling fan? I need the diagram of the relays.

idles then just quits

cuando arranco mi carro saca humo negro y cuando lo hacelero no me deja como que me pucha el pedal para atras y gasta mucho gas