Chevrolet Avalanche 2500 Questions

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If I am changing out a part but they only one available is from a 2004 avalanche, is that year compatible
when I turned it off the next day started up and all gages inop . signal lights work, high beam inop
Hard to keep vehicle in it's lane, tends to wander all over road, first to one side then to other side after steering correction is made.
It dies out while on freeway and sometimes at stop signs
Put it in 4h to drive through some mud now I can't get it back into 2h. Have pushed the buttons both the 2h and auto, moving, in neutral, in drive everything... stuck in 4H and drives hard on the road.
as a cam sensor. replaced crank sensor, was told it could cause that also. Now it wont start at all. cam sensor discontinued and im packed up to go on vacation. isnt there some thing i can do to fix this thing. I'm desperate to say the least
I was coming back from Stanley north Dakota and we stopped for the bathroom and went to start truck and heard a squell and didn't think anything bout it started driving and had no steering the battery little came on and the engine was real hot finally just stopped looked and belt was shreeded checked pullys and all but 1 turned by hand I think the tensiure pully might be bad
Using zerostart heater
checked the in and out to the heater, hot going in cold coming out
The hose going in to the heater is hot but the hose coming out is cold I have blown air on to the temp sensor
I poened it (slide back style) and now it will not fully close again -- reaches about half an inch from closed and stops, won't pop back up to flush with the roof. I don't see anything blocking, and have heard this isn't uncommon for GM trucks in this era.

Can someone offer diagnosis / correction advice please?
window does not go down - only up.
I have taken the time to check the grounding the fluid and the connections. It still will not shift into 4 wheel drive. If I stop and put it in nutural I can get the 4 low to engage but the 2 wheel light up as well. very loude shift but I am not confident that it is really engaged.
also can not get the transfer case to register nutural on the selector.
When the truck is warmed up and the weather is HOT outside, it seems to load up with fuel. it pops and "backfires" when accelrating until it "cleans itself up" then will run fine until idling again then it starts all over again. NOW when the weather is a little cooler outside it doesnt seem to do it as much. I was told I should take a look at the Fuel pressure regulator. Does this sound like it may be the problem?? and if so, is there any way to check it??
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