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When I first started the truck I was able to switch from neutral to Auto 4WD. When I shifted into reverse I got a grinding noise from the encoder motor and the truck wouldn't go into reverse. I was able to start the truck in Neutral and put it in Drive, but not reverse. I get the grinding noise. Now none of the lights on the dash come on and it won't shift into 4wd
Water getting in the cab after a hard rain
new rear end in the Avalanche now the darn thing won't go in drive it barley reverses now hen I drive I have to go through the gears starting in 1st then 2nd all the way up to third gear I don't know what's up with it any body got the slightest of clue I would really appreciate the help don't know if it may be the torque converter or the 1-2 solenoid I heard there's a fuse but I can't find it anywhere heck I don't know so I would really appreciate it guy and gals for any info on this problem
Replaced knock sensors. Started fine. Did not correct slight misfire. Was pulling plug wires and injector wires to isolate the cylinder. Slipped and broke the heater hose off the core. Sprayed me in the face. replaced fitting and hose. added coolant. hosed off the area with water... Now the thing will not start and run. Has 45 psi fuel pressure at the rail. Will run on starter fluid.
This is a on going problem while im driving. Feels like it's swaying a bit.
under the dash passenger side sounds like a flapper opening and closing constantly.
fuel gage, speedometer, tach, temp, volts gage not working
When I drive there is no tension on the steering . I feel like the front end is always on ice. This year of Avalanche has no steering wheel position sensor.
Are all 2003 like this
It has been difficult to switch between 4 low 4 high or 2 wheel drive for about a year. It would do it but it took many attempts before it finally clicked. Now its in 4 lo and when you hit the button you hear clicking then it just stops and stays in 4 low. I don't have any codes or problems showing.
drive ? Truck has 66k
We think it has to do with idler or pitman arm. When we took it to a chevy dealer, they said they werent bad, but starting to wear. They had no idea about the noise. It happens mostly on hiway driving and seems to diminish when we let off the gas. It is a rapid "tat-a-tat" noise.
I have hardly used the 4 wheel drive on the truck but since the weather has got real bad I have been using it. Now it makes a really bad scratching grinding noise in hi and low range.
2 wheel drive doesn't make any unusual noises thank god but I think there might be a bit of a problem here. I think the from dif has lost all its oil some how, how do I check and refil it and what weight oil should I use?
I just got a 2003 chevy avalanche a couple days ago. This morning on my way to work I was merging onto the freeway and when I looked down at my speedometer it said I was going 120mph. I knew something was really wrong so I started gauging my speed off my tachometer and the cars around me. About 45 minutes into my hour long drive to work my tachometer stopped working properly and then my oil pressure gauge stopped too. My truck believes that I'm going between 45-60mph at a dead stop and according to my tachometer 5000rpm is actually 0.

After I got to work I googled the issue and found out that they did a recall from some different blogs. I cant find the actual Instrument cluster recall number or anything anywhere but what I found on the blogs says that its 7 years or 70k miles. My truck only has 58,200 miles on it.

So my question is will they still honor the recall or are they going to make me pay an arm and a leg to get this taken care of and does anyone know what the recall number is?????
I can pull out in 2wd but want stay its like it goes to neutral but the button says its steal in 2wd so I have to run it 4wd
Is there a recall on this problem? And if not how to fix it and a shop near area code 77070 Houston tx. And what is the cost?
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