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what is the fix

I recently had a long block put in my vehicle. Now the oil gauge needle stays in the lower right region of the gauge. It appears to be responding to pressure, I see it move some as I accelerate/decelerate. The dealer is saying I need to replace my instrument cluster.

I turn too sharp with 4x4 engage and two days later it start clunking on the front right side

a/c works, no heat. only blows air thru the main vents

and P 1517 TAC Module Processor located in the engine

when started direct from the starter wires it comes on but like loosing power

I have a 2002 Chevy avalanche with an abs light on I noticed the owner before me had removed the abs fuse so I replaced and as soon as I put the new fuse in it made a horrid errrrrrrr noise like the abs was continuously engaged what could be the issue?

Only when cranking... Sometimes it will turn over when cranking and sometimes I have to repeat.
Then radio makes a screeching/ bump sound even when off & attempting to crank.
Then it got to where I was having to crank 2 times n order to start vehicle.
Replaced battery Wednesday and Friday, it happened all again. Took to Advance Auto for diagnostic test and it shows battery and alternator are fine.
Can you please advise me as to what I need to do?

When I try and crank my truck it make all the sounds of the systems making its normal checks. Sometimes it will crank and sometimes it wont. When it cranks everything works fine. When it don't crank everything works fine but the fuel and oil pressure stay at 0 and the battery volts goto about 12. Is there any recommendations on where to start looking for a problem. I have seen a lot of stuff on the internet about wont start the first time but will the second. Mine is not like that either it starts or it wont. I have fixed a few cars in the past but I have never had a problem like this and I cant find anything that is like this on the internet. I have found a few things close but nothing like my problems.

Happened today, truck is parked luckily in secure place, but not able to be towed at current location.

It happens all the time I cannot drive it except to move it , I used a cen-tec canobdll but no codes came on this cheapo diagnostic

Started having problems with the gear indicator when shifting from D to reverse, or even park. When changing gears from D to R instead of R being highlighted it would be 3. Even when putting into park (P) 3 would be highlighted or sometimes nothing at all, and the auto door locks will stay locked. The truck shifts gears fine with no problems. Was told it was the neutral safety switch. Had it replaced, but problem still the same.

it loses about 2 quarts every 1500 to 2000 miles I change oil ever 3000 miles it started about 3 years ago with about 1 quart every 3000 miles. It has never smoke out the pips I cant get a good annser

Check engine light on, i'm told its almost always gas cap, by friends and by guy who hooked it to computer. Have replaced gas cap twice, light still on. Some tell me the light HAS to be reset manually. Some tell me you are not supposed reset manually, can even be fined for that. Would like definitive answer about light before I go any further with expensive, possibly unnecessary repairs under the hood. Code was P0455. THX

this all came about when i was trying to get my boat off trailer.kept hitting the brakes hard in reverse to get boat off trailer

have also cleaned all the grounds i could find if that makes a difference.
when i have taken out the cluster there is a burn mark on the part that houses the prndl.

I was in traffic yesterday with a 20 foot camper attached and truck was running odd. Engine light on. Started smoking under hood then wouldn't go into reverse. I opened coolant fluid slow and it exploded. Added coolant and oil. Drove for a mile ok. Tried to start again, drove for a mile and wouldn't any more. Put new battery in today still won't go into gear unless I let it cool down then let's me drive for a mile or two if I can glide and not stop. Replaced transmission to brand new one 2 years ago.

2002 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500. The part was 132 and the shop charged 100. Was I overcharged ?

I can make the compressor turn on by jumping the wires by the condenser. But, it won't work automatically. Also, I added some freon thinking it might be low.