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Makes a terrible noise from front end when in 4wd
Falls when I hit a small bump or won't close at all.
When I turn the ignition switch ON I do not get power to the post at the starter truck will not turn over because 12 volts is not getting to the solenoid switch terminal if I jump it out power to the terminal starter turns over but seems like there's no fuel
After po440 code, replaced tank pressure sensor and all seems ok but several miles later the evap monitor sensor wont clear and reads inc? Thank you in advance.
transmission leaks fuild when parked on incline
There was no air coming out of vent, so I was moving the control & it popped inside & now no air comes out. I don't know what happened or if I can fix it myself. Any help would be appreciated.
I know there is a recall on the instrument cluster but my engine dies at idle when the headlights kick on. I can turn the headlights off and the engine recovers. I also do not have any break lights or blinkers at times. they work when they want to. any suggestions?
I don't know the temp and my fuel is out too whats my problem
What can it be
Had my truck repaired at a dealership and less then a week later the check engine light came back on and now they say its my psi sensor in my fuel tank.I think they messed up.
no fuel present at injector valve on top of motor. suspect anti-theft engaged don't know location could also be emergency fuel cut off also don't know location. slight possibility fuel pump failed has been replaced several years ago situation slightly different when it failed there was no rough idle associated with loss of power then.
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