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light is on. Banging near the side fuse panel will make it go back to normal.. Sometimes.
Problem occurs at random times or on really hot days and sometime the banging does nothing. Also the maintenance port does not work when this is happening.
Only did it a few times at first but would start back now it won't start and when dose shuts right off at running temp.....changed fuel pump now has p1615...throttle body circuit a/b and pedal potion sensor what's wrong
air cond.blow blows hot.scold @then blowshot.cut swtch off @ back on then it returns cold imm.
How to know if brakes are locked up
Headlights stay on, with engine off and key removed, also electric door locks dont work.
Even when it's full what do I need to do what's the problem when I hit a bump it drops down to empty then if I hit another bump it goes back up to three-quarters full and then sometimes it just stays on take her to school for a long time or empty for a long time
Just changed the starter on my Chevy Avalanche 1500 and now it won't start. It doesn't turn over, it doesn't even click.
recently the check engine light came on in my truck. The codes I scanned were p0740, p0758, p0785, p1860. Before I do it, I wanted to verify. This is where I'm getting confused. I checked the voltage at fuse "ign 0" key on, engine off and I get 12 volts. I pulled the trans pan (needed an oil and filter change anyway) and checked the solenoids. 19.5 ohms on 1-2 and 2-3 solenoids. I then pulled the plug and checked for voltage at the solenoids and have 12 volts. So, I'm at a loss. Do I change the switch hoping this is the cure and these trucks have issues with this. Or do I look further. I didn't get code po753. That's what's throwing me.
Does do all of the time
The left tire has wear and the guide pulls me out the road.
Used 4wd low on rather steep, slick driveway and after back on level ground, stuck in 4wd low. No light indicated on panel and service light came on until I reset with battery cable. Still stuck in 4wd low, buttons useless!
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