Chevrolet Avalanche 1500 Questions

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It's not turning the pump on.
my interior lights will not come on. I checked the bulbs and they are ok. the front door lights work but the not the rear.
When set temp.for heat get heat on passager side none on driver side
Lost all the dash lites an won,t start.
ai already had the rear rotors and brakes replaced but that didn't stop the noise
I have no 4 wheel drive and no light on switch on dash
Vehicle is four wheel drive with hydroboost brake system. ABS module, brake pressure proportioning valve, master cylinder, calipers, and brake pads have been replaced.
yaw sensor and wheel hubs replaced, this happens at all speeds. service stability comes up in window
There is not really anything else to tell. Going by the owners manual , further damage may result if the remain on all of the time.
Cam sensor spark plugs wires coil crank sensor have all been changed. Just replaced the cats. And the p0306 is still coming up, what else could it be.?
light is on. Banging near the side fuse panel will make it go back to normal.. Sometimes.
Problem occurs at random times or on really hot days and sometime the banging does nothing. Also the maintenance port does not work when this is happening.
Only did it a few times at first but would start back now it won't start and when dose shuts right off at running temp.....changed fuel pump now has p1615...throttle body circuit a/b and pedal potion sensor what's wrong
air cond.blow blows hot.scold @then blowshot.cut swtch off @ back on then it returns cold imm.
How to know if brakes are locked up
Headlights stay on, with engine off and key removed, also electric door locks dont work.
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