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2003 Chevy avalanche
2004 Avalanche 1500 2 wd. Replaced power steering pump 3 times still noisy. Replaced power steering boost. Still noisy pump. I used a Nappa remanufactured pumps.
I have a 2005, Silverado 1500, 2WD/V6 I bought beaten up but it still drove smooth and straight for 3 years. It now has just over 160,000 miles. 3 or 4 months ago I replaced both front wheel hubs & ABS speed sensors. 2 weeks ago I replaced the upper & lower control arms & ball joints both sides, new outer tie rod ends, new stabilizer bar links & bushings both sides, new DS & PS coil springs with a 1” thick spacer/coil insulator seat on top of each spring to level the truck height, installed new front & rear Monroe “Reflex” shocks, new front slotted & drilled brake rotors, new front brake calipers & ceramic pads. Got front end laser wheel alignment set at a shop. I drive 28 miles North to work at 7am all highway & don’t feel any vibration. Smooth as silk. Same drive South at 6/7pm at 75-80mph & 10mins in starts a mild vibration but quickly turns into a violent shaking so bad I have to pull over. Try braking & the pads slap/jar hard so I coast down. Calipers sticking? Bad tranny fluid?
have replaced thermostat, fan clutch, flushed out cooling system and replaced antifreeze with prestone dex cool
When truck is first started the a/c works fine. After about an hour you can feel a slow decline in the air coming out of the vents to the point that there is no air flow thru any vent with the blower running on high. Shut down a/c and restart does not change condition. Shut engine off for a while and a/c works and starts the decline in air flow all over again. I have tried resyncing, checking freon level, and a new control head with no change. The system is a dual contol auto climate control system. When air flow is gone the mode switch does not work either. After resyncing everything works as it should for about the hour stated then air flow decreases as described. HELP PLEASE
Aftermarket Key with built in key fob was caught on shifter while moving shifter into drive.
Key with built in key fob bent in the ignition after moving shifter back to park. Removed key w/ built in key fob from ignition and inserted oem key. Key would not move from ignition off position to on or crank position. Shifter would not move from park. Shift linkage was manually disconected to put truck in neutral. Truck was moved to safety.
*All proper repair steps were taken to remove key AND ignition lock cylinder without success.*
Ignition was rotated free of ignition cover and removed with visegrips.
**New ignition lock cylinder and new ignition cover with passkey sensor were installed in accordance with GM repair procedures.**
Key would not turn to any position correctly with park lock cable installed.
Removed park lock cable from ignition cover assembly and key rotated to every position as it should under normal operation.
When in on and crank position all dash works no crank tho
The battery was unhooked while the Waterpump, thermostat, and belts were put on. No fuses are blown. None of the gauges, nor speedometer are working now. What could be the problem?
will go into park but acts like something isn't align,shifts fine and run same just started???
Will a 2003 Chevy Avalanche starter fit a 2002 Chevy Avalanche starter
When it switches to 4lo and you push the 2 button it just blinks....sluggish and slowly picks up speed...any help?
When I turn the key over there is no sound at all. I checked the ignition fuse and it is good. Tried moving the steering column as I was trying to crank it thinking there might be a short but still nothing?
Getting loss of power signal code reader won't read
A 2004 Chevy Avalanche will be driving fine then all the sudden it gets a lack of power sign and shun it in a code reader didn't even get powe
It first started when our key fobs would go to unlock the truck, sometimes it worked and sometimes not. It wasn't the battery in the key fob. This went on for awhile then the back doors wouldn't unlock at all and had to be opened manually. Now battery is drained and nothing works. What is draining the battery that is fairly new.
I have a 2005 K1500 Chevy Avalanche: Vehicle is already engaged in 2 high and I will be driving roughly 60mph and out of nowhere the front end acts like it locks up. Front end won't move but the mph stay at your current speed and if you push on the gas pedal it just revs up the motor. I slow down, move to side of road, and lock it in 4wd to get to my destination. This does not happen all the time, right now it is just occasionally. I have been researching what problem could be ranging from transfer case switch, selenoid, the "fork" inside their, to encoder reader. Basically, they all seem to have the same symptoms so how is one to know for sure which one or even if any of them are? My system stabilizer dummy light is on too showing up on the dashboard. Any insight with this matter would be greatly appreciated cause I have a medical condition that requires numerous doctor appointments to all three my surgeons and this is my only source of transportation. Thank You
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