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frequently battery will drain and wont start, charging system checks out ok, will start right up when jumpstarted, gauge reads about 14 volts will start for a day or a few days after being jump started and process has to be repeated.

The handle broken and this time I cannot open the driver's door from the inside or the outside. My problem is how to remove the panel to open the door to do the repair. With the molded cup holder on the door, this looks impossible to do. Any suggestions?

Blinkers and brake lights don't work. Checked fuses. All good

on my 1997 Astro AWD when you apply the brakes the pedel pulses and pushes back at you and the brakes do not work when this happens.

I changed both brake calipers and bleed them now when I crank my van the abs makes a humming noise

Would low power steering fluid cause ABS light to come on? I added power steering fluid and light went off!

I have a 97 astro or miss fire on 4 and 6. I have changed the plugs wires cap and button. But still have a miss fire. Sometimes it runs good and smooth and other times rough. On idle it is smooth but when it runs ruff it can be at take off or when cruise is set. On the passenger side above the spark plugs there is the same nasty sludge as in my coolent. No milky or froth in oil I do use coolent. And also no sweet smell or white smoke coming from the muffler. What could be my issue?????

Code 37 came up on computer

runs ok for a few miles then check engine light blinks,(random missfire) then mpg drops from 18 down to 7 replace cap rotor plugs at start runs good , ??

want to know if. jeep battery will van

Or, replacing it.

code p0101 p0131 p0137 p0151 service eng light has been on for 2000 mi. Initially the light did not stay on. When I started the van on the morning after it did not come on for days. It came on again under load after warming up. In time it started getting more steady on. Now it just stays on.The van has 171,000 mi runs smooth but bad mpg.
17.1 average. The 02 sensors appear to be in good condition and newer than the van, but at least 2 years old. The voltage at the Mass or Volume Air Flow plug is correct. Thank you.

drove to work all good got off started vehical and no steering and no brakes. could it be the brake pressure modulator valve or power steering pump??????

It was cold when it quit is there a place to recharge it is the system
Connected to the front refrigerant refill low pressure tube

I think it might be my front end suppension. im not sure, but every right turn i make and every speed bump i go over i hear it rattling on the right side passager and i dont hear it when im driving and its just a little freaking me out, sounds of creaking and rattling, i just changed out the Rear not too long ago. help.....

any speed, only does it when brakes are pushed hard.

when turn on ac front blowers don't work. rear ac blowers work fine . have been told vacuum line is problem . Where is vacuum for blowers located?

also changed plugs cap rotor ignition coil ignition module
injectors ox sensor coolant temp low oil sensor idles fine on throttle engine races check engine light code 22 help

i checked the fuse and relay

not getting power to pump

I have been having problems with my brakes not feeling right to me since ive owned the car at first my husband had it checked out ok replaced pads the basics so the were ok for a short while complained yo him again had checked rear needed adjustments it was ok 2 or3 days squeeking, grinding etc started again but only on occasion tokd husband had checked out replaced rear shoes and drums even though mechanic said wasnt nessesary but I wanted it fone cause I am not crazy I know what im hearing and feeling and I know the peddke shouldn't be loose etv so they changed them to make me happy. It was good for 2-3 weeks then not feeling right again. I finally took it upon myself to do something come to find out my rear brakes had NO pressure at all so started by replacing the master Cylinder yeah looked like that fixed my problem so we thought all of a sudden my rear tire is making a whistle sound whivh turned into a creaking sound very hard to discribe needless to say I had towed it home finding that there is oil or some kind of liquid I'm thinking break fluid all over that tire the mechanic say he thinks it's that I lost or broke the wheel cylinder on the right side should I just replace the one that is the problem or do both?

wanting instructions on how to replace the pinion bearing and seal and perhaps the pinion gear itself. The front end clunking, and popping. The rear end was replaced about two months ago. the van is an all wheel drive