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My rear AC works sporadically. When it works it cools fine, when it doesn't it won't blow at all. Sometimes you can shut the front doors hard and it will come on but not always.
the rear ac works sporadically and is cold. When it runs it will work on all speeds. Sometimes when it is not working you can shut the driver or passenger door hard and it will come on and work but sometimes not.
When we replaced the 40 fuse it ran now a week later same problem but this morning it just blew each fuse when tried to crank
2000 Chevy Astro AWD
Had to recharge battery after sitting this winter. Started right up first attempt. next day will turn over, but not stay running. Before sitting past winter, was having difficulty staying running, after a few miles would chug and eventually die and not restart. Would have a better chance at starting if I let it sit for a day after running. Any idea what this could be?
It will allow me program any one of my three remotes, but when I try to program a second remote, it will not work. I am at a loss as to why I can't program my other remotes.
park it makes grinding noise, van still rolls back in gear,,, wont drive.when in gear,,maybe possible cable broke, feels like its not catching gears, thers still transmission oil, starts fine just wont drive at all..
I basically want to know what have I got myself into. I can not find anything period on the internet giving me any kind of an idea of what i'm up against. If you can give me any info, tips, or let me know if I'm gonna have to have some special tools and what not, I would greatly be appreciated.
Bill H.
It just started without indicating any problems prior.
i replaced the filter but no change
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