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when starting the antilock system resets as it should. when going forward the antilock ight comes on immediatly and speedometer becomes erratic. engine rpm tends to follow the erratic behaviour of the speedometer.

The speedometer needle stopped moving. It just lays at zero. When I set the cruise control, it works,holds the Vehicle at a steady speed, but the speed indicating needle shows no movement,stays at zero.

intermittently the fuel pump turns on or not when key is turned on. Removed pump and jumped it, works... pluged into the harness, works.... put back together, turn key, not working.... pull engine cover, looking for ignition module, remove and replace rotor and cap, pump works, engine starts.
weshould be not laboring on Labor Day..

what is the best way to replace an idle sensor valve

Can a motor be flushed if suspect oil sludge causing low oil pressure?

My Astro Van starts fine when cold but when I have driven it for a while it struggle/doesn't want to start. The engin turns sporadically slow, but it doesn't want to turn the engin. When it starts it struggles to idle and some times dies. But after I have reffed it it is OK. Some suggested the starter module others the starter,and some the altenator. I need some advice.

every time i start the van coolent poors from top of engine undernieth plenum

light commes on most of the time sometimes will go 1 day with light of cars stops normally no sound heard from pump

The gauge and ground fuses blew causing it to run rough (rich)and stuck in 2nd gear changed fuses ran perfect blew again replaced fuses with a relay fuse stuck in safe mode HELP ME PLEASE

Cannot locate the fuse, is there a specific acronym for the Dash-Board in the Fuse box? Cannot determine which is the correct acronym. Dash-board just went blank, can't figure what speed I'm going. Please Help!

how can i correct this problem

Right front power door window will go down but it is very slow going up.

the van only goes 20mph even when your foot is on the gas pedel,


Both front doors don't work or unlock with the key button or door switch. I think my knee might have burnt out something because it is located in a bad place.

After the van sits it takes a few times of turning the key on and off and pumping the pedal to get it started. I do hear the pump working and there is some p codes thay are P0446(Evap Emissions system vent control circuit) P0453 and P0452(Evap Emissions system pressure sensor switch high imput/low imput. do these have anything to do with my problem. I though it was the fuel pump but I don't want to spend all that money and it not fix it any sugestions.




What would cause the speedometer and gauges to stop working on a 94 Chevy Astro van

Where is the EGR valve located on 91' astro van

i held the gas down on the highway then i heard a popping sound and a big cloud of fumes came in. my van started to over heat an then i found oil in my valve cover

AC compressor won't work. Charge is OK. Front and rear AC fans work OK. Does not cool.

occures all the time.

The ac is functioning on the dash, however, it is not working in the rear of the van.

The air conditioning was workly extremely well, then went out in a second as the clutch broke. I have a 1991 Chevy Astro Van that a dealership just retrofitted for the new refrigerant a couple of years ago. Can you give me an estimate for repairing the clutch? And if everything was working great before it broke, do you think the compressor should be replaced? That would be more than the van is worth. Thanks for your help!

Deborah Tressler (my email)

There appears to be a problem with the alternator, however the engine cranks fine and does not appear to run down the battery. While driving the van, if I turn off all electrical devices including lights, volt gauge 'sometimes' returns to nearly 14 (middle range). We have had a problem with the lighting sensor and inside dome lights. I was told that the Chevrolet alternators have incorporated a voltage meter within the alternator. I am taking the van to the dealership this coming week, but would like some direction. Thank you.

installing rear door actuator on 1999 astro

what causes a vehicle not to start when it is raining out?

hello i have a chevy astro and 3 days ago i turned it on in the mornig and all of a sudden it turn of and then when i went to start it all it does is crank over like it wants to start but it doesn't and also the lights won't turn on either the mechanic told me the computer but i've put it on and the van still doesn't work and then another mechanic told me maybe it's the body control is this true and if it is can someone tell me were its at and can i put it on my self