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It would not move so I put fluid in it. It would still not move. I tried it the next day and it would move
shift cable will not go in park in n can turn key but all power goes out a litter click under hood then nothing
3.5L v6 flexfuel. Feels like the whole vehicle is vibrating, almost like ABS but slightly less intense. Always happens from a stop, wheels straight or turned. I don't accelerate very quickly from stops. Letting off the gas for a moment then accelerating again makes the rumbling stop. Front tires are maybe halfway through their lifespan, rears just got changed changed a month ago. I took it to a shop a couple months ago for the same problem, got the following replacements: Delco control arms, Delco front hub assys, (MOG?) F sway bar link kits, (DTM?) Eng mount hydraulic, (WES?) Trans mount, akebono ceramic f/r brakes, (CEN?) f/r H.C. coated discs. Car was driving smoothly after service, until about 2 weeks ago. Mechanic was just replacing anything he saw needed some tlc (he knew im student on a budget), but seemed a bit stumped by the description I gave him and was unable to replicate it himself. Sometimes it'll happen once in 5 trips; sometimes twice/several times in one trip. I don't r
My odometer lights up fine it just didn't function
The engine is hot, and the anti freeze level is ok. All the hoses going to and from the heater core feel hot
I had the vehicle put on a machine and it came back that oxygen sensor is bad, and i found out the vehicle has more than one sensor. The vehicle is idling very rough and has a hesitation to it
I have. Both trucks the 95 I wrecked the 91 that I have dose not have a dash or door panels
the fuel pump is no longer pumping gas to engine and the gasoline gauge stopped reading. wont start
2015 Z51 all mufflers and pipes are missing. there are to electrical connectors hanging just before the mufflers. what are these for? can i install a used system that does not have a adaptor for these two connectors? there are two sensors just after the muffler.
When I'm driving my car jerks real hard. Or when I'm at a light or stop sign it doesn't want to go.
will not turn over tried jump starting but key got locked in ignition turned wheel key came out put new battery in 18 months ago could it be my starter
Hole in tube all antifreeze ran out over heated hold light blinked car slowed down cut off. Motor not cracked will not start put new coil plugs filter an oil. What else can be done? 2009chevy Aveo.

I have a 2003 Chevy Malibu and the speedometer and fuel gauge do not work. The temp gauge and rpm ones do work. Also a few warning lights come on as well. When I’m going the speedometer only goes up to about 10mph when I’m noticeably going faster than that.
2003 pontiac aztec. No blower control. No prior erratic or intermittent problems. Feels like the selector itself is stripped. I took the knob off and dont feel any "clicks" when making speed selection. It freely moves but blows nothing. I see alot of issues with the resistor but am concerned with the free feel when turning the knob.
2003 chevy silverado 1500 4.8 V-8 LT no start no crank new battery new starter power to starter not solenoid
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