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problem occurs when the car is driven

I have an 05 Trailblazer 4.2 I6. recently my antitheft has been locking me out inconsistently for always different amounts of time. i have read alot on passlock issues and followed a similar article in how to diagnose my passlock sensor. upon doing these tests though i recieved different results and am unsure as to what they may indicate. when i tested my Red/White to Orange/Black i got 13.3v at IGN0,IGN1,&CRANK. the Yellow to Orange/Black read 4.3V in all positions. this was while the vehicle was running. when it did the no start R/W to O/B read 12.1v in all positions, and Y to O/B read 4.2. from what i understand the yellow is supposed to dorp to an unknow value upon IGN1&CRANK. not sure what it indicates, any help would be great.

would like to know what these codes mean

The alarm system keeps going off lights flashing alarms etc,,, Ive tried everything locking and unlocking with the key, disconnecting battery etc...

the car ran before I installed the new parts, missed real bad.

i think that this is danger for all suvs orcars that this happens to.

they will work occasionally

have to be cut out of mine it just got tighter when tried to pullon it to take over head

Also the service ESC light is on now and it says service traction. The engine light is also on.

Traction control and ESC light is coming on. I used reset (info button) and it goes away and comes back later.

I installed a Brand New Transmission, Oil level is Perfect, installation was Perfect too, Everything is Connected but she doesn't shift from 1st gear, Any Suggestions Please!

I put fuel filter, cap, rotor, wires, plugs, and pickup in distributor, gets fire to plugs but won't start.

The book shows a plastic piece at the rear top center of the seat. I removed it , but there is no latch to release the seat back?

I know I have gas. I need to know if the sensor will cut car off if it is reporting empty when I know gas is in there. I had a repair of my brake vacuum price and it may have affected the sensor on my gas gauge and oil life ( just had oil. Hange). Will it stop my car from going if it says empty but I know I have at least 200 miles range left in the tank. I need to travel to get to my mechanic.

Today I was driving in my truck and it stalled out as I was driving two separate times. I shut the truck completely off turned it back on and it was good. It's stalled out a third time and I had to give it gas for it to actually kick back on. Then the fourth time and now all it does is turn over I can hear the fuel pump turning on when I turn on my accessory.. help

tbs sensor changed and theinjector idle air control sensor. no check engine light not on. truck acted up last time it rained and the shop changed cap and plugs and rotor ran for 3 weeks rained again and truck wouldnt start. no moisture in cap.

It was fine then one day starting having trouble shifting into 2nd gear. It will shift but only at high rpms. Now the rest of the gears are shifting at high rpms. What are my options? There's no check engine light or anything.

the factory paint is very defective. The paint on my car is white and started around december 2016. my car looks like complete trash with giant chipped paint spots all over. Every time i wash my car the hose strips the paimt away. ive never seen any thing like it. This is a manufacture issue. i have a neighbor with the same car as mine and hes having the same problem. will the manufature fix this?

A video or step by step with pics would be extremely helpful. Keep failing emissions.

Since a week having two major issue
1) Make lot of noise before break

2) Cannot take the reverse, or make a lot of noise while trying to reverse Van.

When turning ac on blinking control knob and no cool air

For about a month

Someone was replacing the idler tensioner pulley on my 2010 Equinox and stupidly pulled the key out of the ignition in the AC position while the battery was unhooked. My car required boosting off after having battery unhooked and reeplacing pulley. I was able to reinsert the key (still in AC position) and all the lights came on like it was going to crank but when I turned it over, nothing-just clicked. Needless to say when I turned the key back, all the way to the Off position that you would normally remove your key, the whole thing shut down. Couldnt turn the key to even try to crank it, no lights, no noise, no nothing. Please help. Do you think a new ignition and key would fix it??

News trans key not able to program per my dealers help, I think if could disable the alarm, could program the key

cross member bar is rusting out

Popping blower motor fuse. Removed wires on blower motor resistor, blower motor,and relay and still pops fuse when you turn the vent control to on.

I have to change the engine soon?

My 2011 Malibu has low profile tires and one needs to be changed it has the air traction control is there a special way it needs to be changed does a mechanic need to do it?

I'm doing an oil change and need to know much oil to use when replacing the oil

When u run a wire from the battery 2 the pump it comes on changed ignition module and everything no gas is coming out the injectors.