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(1998 Chevy Lumina 3.1 Liter V6) I want to purchase a new beam for underneath my radiator but i'm not sure what the beam is called. it sits below my radiator and and the radiator and AC condenser rests on it.
At first I heard a noise and thought it was a belt. I took it to the shop and I was told I needed a timing chain kit and oil pan and a oil change. My car is doing the same thing again and it’s not been a week
I had a coolant leak in the rear part of the engine and it turned out to be a lower intake manifold gasket. I replaced the gasket and then the cast aluminum quick disconnect for the heater hose broke. I replaced the lower intake manifold and in the process messed up the timing. I attempted starting and the bad timing caused one of the bolts holding the starter on break causing the starter to be out of place. I replaced the bolts and got the starter set correctly and set the timing correctly by finding TDC. Now the issue is not getting enough power to the spark plugs. The coil pack isn't putting out enough power so I tried a new coil and nothing changed. I thought it was maybe the wiring except it's got new wires going to the coil. Any help is greatly appreciated.
This is a Chevy k1500 z71 5.7L V8 Vortec. I checked the freeze plugs and they were not damaged any.
I've been waiting for over three hours
I just had my oil changed less than 200 miles ago. This morning I noticed that my oil pressure gauge was reading 80 driving up to work. I started the pickup after I let it sit for an hour and the oil pressure reading is still at 80. Could this be a false reading?
My vehicle recently has began losing computer functioning briefly yet randomly while driving. The radio will shut off in addition to random lighting up of car function lights on dashboard but then return to normal state. It especially happens as the accelerator is pressed after making a complete stop. The servitraks service message will also appear randomly as this occurs.
what does the whining sound in my 1500 chevy alvanche,meams?
engine will Start but when i take it out of park into another gear it doesnt move
2004 Chev Cavalier. Shift interlock solenoid not working. NO NEW PARTS AVAILABLE. Chevy no longer stocks and no dealer in USA has. Dorman and so forth never made a replacement. How bypass? And still be able to remove key? I'm told the entire assembly must be replaced, but only available at junk yard. Since mine croaked at 80,000 miles I don't think a used one is a good investment. I am aware of safety concerns, but am capable of remembering to set ebrake if only option. Thanks.
PS brake light switch is good
Have a buddy who owns a 2015 camaro v6. His AC/H has been randomly changing speeds when he hits a bump or even when hes idle. It just changes without us touching it, also the AC sometimes will not turn on either. Press the button, it'll indicate that it is on but wont get any cooler. Electrical issues seem to be common with chevy
How to fix an axillary port in a 2001 Chevy Lumina
2005 Chevy Avalanche

I have a couple issues; 1. While in 4 (hi or low) and moving forward, everything seems fine until i make turns and you hear grinding sounds. 2. While in 4 hi or low and trying to back up, the truck will move for a few feet then the wheels lock up.
tech at smog said my idle should be around 550?
it have did the same thing for couple of days in a row
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