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Antifreeze level is good and changed thermostat.
Now and again when I apply break, I get a grinding feeling from the brake pedal and hear a grinding noise. I have replaced the brake pads and got new tires and rims. Every now and again the ABS light on the dashboard comes up. Does anyone know what may be the cause of this?
the car was moving the engine light came on then stopped 2 seconds later was unable to drive forward or reverse is the tranny gone or would the solenoid prevent this from moving
Only happen now and then. Everything comes on when you turn the key but when you click the key over to start the engine nothing happens. There doesn't seem to be any certain time or day or reason for the problem.
I just replaced the thermostats and it still does it at 2000 or more RPM. 2000 RPMs and lover it will run normal, 185deg.
It now slipping in reverse more than foward.
put in neutreul like the throttle was stuck it reveeved the rpm went up , turned it off took a few time to get it to start and today running like it no problem
Sat in Driveway for two days, very cold weather.
my oil gauge goes all the way to 80psi when i start it after sitting all night it s stuck there thx Carol
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