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My car startes but won't keep running. I turned off all extras (radio, air conditioner) but it won't keep running. Could it be a fuse? This happened after I drove across town,made one stop, no problem. At the 2nd stop it would not restart.


off but now is back on. What do I try next?

the vehicle shifts hard when this happens

Drained all the oil and it had antifreeze in it


all cylinders lost compression. replaced worn-out timing chain and gears. still 0 compression in all cylinders. whats the likliness of all the valves getting bent and staying open. seems there should be some compression in any givin cylinder even if the timing was off. the crank gear is set at 12 o clock the cam gear at 6 o clock..... baffled

o2 sensor comming off that cat

horn also not working

the top of te roof, top of doors and the hood.

AC blowing slightly hotter than normal

19mm wrench or line removal tool to remove tranny line?

Somehow it came loose and dropped down into the dash and I cannot get to it to "pop" it back into place.

RPM Stalls between 2 and 3 rpm. If I press on the gas it will soon kick in but drops again at 4 rpms.

the little engine stays on. and it mentioned something about knowing the difference between the 2. can someone help me out. and do you have to take it to the shop to turn it off.??

with the timing chain tensioner if any

It just takes a few seconds before turning over.

The Hayes manual shows one for the 1.8, but its not on the 1.6.
I have good spark and fuel , just wont run, stopped on the road like it was turned off.
So far it seems the fuel injectors are not letting fuel into the engine.
Does this seem right?
Fuel injectors ..
The book says only one of 2 terminals on the connector for the fuel injector should be hot when connected to ground, but both of them on all injectors are hot all the time when grounded.
It seems to me, that the item (camshaft position sensor ?) is shorted out or no ground. I cant find anything showing a CPS in any manuals and the toyota service dept, who have been helpful , im surprised , say the CPS is located where im looking, but thats only on the 1.8 engine.

also drive somewhere turn engine off will not start again for 20 or 30 minutes. what could cause this to happen?

Blower motor only works on 3,4 and 5. I assume its the resistor. Not sure how to get to it. Also when I push button for inside air it comes on then jumps back to out side air by its self. Half to push it 3 or 4 times before it stays.

can i use a steering gear box from a 86 elcameno

want schematic of electrical switch to wiper motor

the rpms on my car start to flutter up and down and you can feel the car gain and lose speed once the car get to operating temperature. when the car is cold its fine.

I have to replace a hose and it is hard to get to the bolt on the back without taking it off

but keeps flashing low coolant

Also when I'm hitting my brake

Engine light on, OBD II Code P0128 and P0106.
Coolant temperature below Thermostat. Leak somewhere from the coolant line when the air-cont on. I just change the map sensor last week and reset it but now the engine light back on. Should I have to change the Thermostat?
I really appreciate any help...

i ued a test light to check the connector and still no power, any suggestions?

when key is turned the shiter location light is off and it does not start or crank or click. also the fuel gauge does not work.
when i wait an hour or 2 it starts normally and works fine.
My fuel gauge has been off (wrong) for quiote some time.

i ued a test light to check the connector and still no power, any suggestions?

i ued a test light to check the connector and still no power, any suggestions?