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Can turn on heater for about 30 mins to a hour they will start working again can anyone please help. Humidity in air causes them to stop working ?
Is there a recall on this problem? And if not how to fix it and a shop near area code 77070 Houston tx. And what is the cost?
It qorks fine after the van has been running awhile.
How can I find out what cause that .
While I'm backing up gears seems to make grinding noise
I've replaced both temp sensors and relays to fan. Replaced switch on the steering column and checked all wired connections i can see.. Any ideas?
My alarm for the seatbelt chimes continuously even if the seatbelts are locked. Will it effect the airbags if I disconnect the alarm at the buckle? Would removing the fuse work without disabling something else? What would be the best way to fix this?
That code came out when they put scanner on my 08 malibu 2.4L want to know what to do cause the car loses power ? And when you put the car in drive and you step on the brake the car starts to vibrate a lot. When you take off from a parking place you can have the gas pedal all the way down and the car feels like it can't take off. Should I replace the 02 sensor or what would you recommended me to do?
I have already replaced tps at throttle body tps module keep getting codes and low engine power light on dash . Seems to happen after clearing all stored codes then driving aproxamatly 20 miles or 30 to 45 minutes local dealer says after I changed tps I needed to also change plug also so I did that and same problem next was module and same thing now Chevy dealer says i needed to cut back engine harness back to lenght of wires that came with replacement plug and that will cure problem . So far everything they have said was wrong with it and needs to replace has done nothing to solve reoccuring problem. I dont think that cutting back harness wires to length of new plug and wires will do any thing.As far as I know they are just guessing as to the problem. have been employeed as mechanic for many years and never run into this problem. Tired of just throwing parts at this thing
thanks and sorry for long post
My car will not start after I shut it off for a few hours. I know it is the battery. I was given a battery that says it's for a small suv but I didn't know if it would run my tracker because it has a different cca than the battery that is in the car now.
I go threw a half qt oil about every 100 miles. I noticed quite a bit of oil in the air in box that is mounted to the TB I noticed it when I was cleaning the throttle body.
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