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Will start of given jumpstart dies immediately Is it the alternater or something else wrong?
a vacuum leak in a hose?
transmission starts dragging when driving
No lights no nothing. Battery charger says it is at 100%
I drove it to one store, then another. I stopped the engine at both. At the second store it would crank but not start. I sprayed ether into the air intake and it ran fine. Take away the ether and it dies. There is fuel at the rail, and running on ether should prove spark. The fuel pump is new. Could this be a fuel pressure or volume problem?
it wont turn over
When i put the van in Drive the RPM rises to about 1600 and continues to rise to about 2500 when i try to accelerate but doesn't shift out of first till it reaches 2500 or higher. Once I've been driving for a few minutes it shift fine. I can come to a complete stop and even sit there for a while and it will take off like normal and shift normally. I have checked the pig-tails for the throttle control module and the throttle position sensor/body. They seem fine but I went a head and replaced both throttle control module and position sensor just to see if that would fix the problem. After all i had an identical van that had been totaled and just sitting there so i just took the parts from that.
Can turn on heater for about 30 mins to a hour they will start working again can anyone please help. Humidity in air causes them to stop working ?
Is there a recall on this problem? And if not how to fix it and a shop near area code 77070 Houston tx. And what is the cost?
It qorks fine after the van has been running awhile.
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