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Turn over. The starter has been replaced. It doesn't do it all the time. I drive it everyday. Usually when it does this, it will start right up about a half hour later. What can I do to fix this?
Gear selector moves on column and trans, but, gear selector display does not move from 2, (2nd gear), vehicle won't start. How can i reset so I can start and drive?
Today after researching, found that until we can fix our ABS systems issues, the best thing to do would be to unplug the fuses and disable the ABS system. It was kicking on at very low speeds and grinding. The light had been on forever, but suddenly - last 3 or 4 days, it was kicking on at very low speeds (the slower the more it kicked on) and the brakes would shudder and make a grinding noise- Now, I have unplugged fuses, but there is still a loud deep grinding noise when braking - the closer I get to pushing brake in completely, the louder it gets...any ideas? Did I do something wrong? Is there a different problem going on with the ABS issue? Is there something else that needs to be disabled? Thank you!

Hoses have been on 5+ years which equates to 35k miles. They do not appear to be bulging at either end so far.
It's worse a times when it rains or hot, I replaced 3 ignition
Switches 6 starters 3 flywheels 3 fuel pumps and 2 carbs still
Have that same the problem and this not 90 caprice but a 1986
5.0l v8
The problem has happened before but it would stop after awhile but now is will misfire all the time I do have a scan tool have have not checked the common problems to fix yet
Will start of given jumpstart dies immediately Is it the alternater or something else wrong?
a vacuum leak in a hose?
transmission starts dragging when driving
No lights no nothing. Battery charger says it is at 100%
I drove it to one store, then another. I stopped the engine at both. At the second store it would crank but not start. I sprayed ether into the air intake and it ran fine. Take away the ether and it dies. There is fuel at the rail, and running on ether should prove spark. The fuel pump is new. Could this be a fuel pressure or volume problem?
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