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I have manual transmission, there is a times it starts no problem but sometimes it wont start. I have all the lights and electical power on dash but it wont crank the starter motor to start the engine, it can push start no problem. I am tired pushing to start the truck everytime. Please help.

was driving and the cable from the battery was resting against the belt pully. it sparked and the engine immediately shut down. other electrical seem to work (lights are bright, horn works etc). it is getting a spark at plug wires. can hear the fuel pump engage, have even primed it with gas but it still won't start. changed 2 relays on fire wall (had burn marks) and replaced the ignition coil, still won't start. it appears to not be getting fuel or spark to the engine. since it was primed would that rule out it's not getting fuel? is there other relays that i should check? any suggestions?
tried a jump, it cranks but just won't turn over and run. someone said it's the fuel injectors (do they have a relay i can check?) since the pump appears to be pumping. could the injection system been blown from the spark? could it be the fuel pressure? would that prevent it from starting? any ideal would be appreciated. thanks

I have been told to just replace the body control modular (BCM), but that is a 400.00 bill, with no guarantee that it will fix it. I have been wondering if I should just swap out the day running bulbs, I have heard that sometimes the BCM will sense that bulbs are bad and switch over to head lights during the day.

Again Meinekee did tuneup,ran better than I took it in.Now you have to put your foot on gas to start.Keeps on dying have to keep restating.When its cold start.Before they touched it,it did fine.Their tech said there is no adjustment.

Meinekee broke steering column put in wrong year to start.So they did something with shifting linkage , so now they put the right year and only get 1st we think really hard and tight.
The lever broke and they something to keep it up.So when we picked up and lowered steering column it broke along with ignition.Is there such a thing as a shiftier seal and if so could they broke when they replaced the seal

the engine immediately shut off but lights were still on & bright, horn works, radio etc. But now the truck won't start. The gage shows in the - now, first tried a jump, then replaced ignition coils and some relays that had burn marks on prongs, but it still won't start. have checked fuses, it has gas (also primed it) still won't start. other electrical work ok so it's not the battery. it cranks but just doesn't start. what should i check next. my only form of transportation and need to fix a.s.a.p. appreciate the help / ideas / suggestions...thanks

what do i check next??? going to pull the spark plugs but i don't know what else to look for.

returning to the water pump. no water in the oil???

87K Original on the Odometer.
just this morning I got in it, started it right up as usual but when I put it in reverse to back out it didn't move, So I put it in drive, hit the gas, it didn't move just revved like I was in neutral. up to this point gave no signs or shutters of transmission problems.
I haven't checked the fluid yet, but have noticed no evidence of it leaking, it is parked in the same spot every night.

any ideas guys?


and the sensor with no success. still not working do you have any ideas of what else I can do. it is 20 degrees in the morning here and my wife is freezing to death to drive it.

My 4wd shift does not work I dont know if it is the dash switch or the actuator on the transfer case. Is there a way to test both items to determine which is bad?

sometimes the front gets a little warm then stops and goes back to coolthe backs stays warm for the most part but recently it also goes cool on occasions

there a plastic piece holding the window to it the window regulator. cant figure out how to remove glass from it so i can put new on in.

blow out.The box under the dash by the passanger gets loud with the sound of forced air.

Back up assist is not working, only the red light flashed on when I go into reverse.

greetings, im a not so proud owner anymore,
of a 92 cavalier 5spd 2.8 f1 multiport.
done changed the ecu,motor itself,
checked all leads grounds but still no dice,
my problem is the next, while the car is on
(no matter if driving or not) the battery light will flash,
every flash alters the engine torque, headlights if on will intensify,
wipers if on will speed up, fan if on will blow higher,
radio if on will pop,
at a complete headach since no one has found faulty anything or
diagnosed correctly,alternator output no less than 13,no higher
than 14,battery brand new,scanner never gets any code other than 12
please,,, please,,,,
help,completely lost,. __

I cracked my oil pan in a recent accident and need to try and see if i can replace it. thanks

If there is one, what's the best way to get to it?

friend said it was a bad sensor cause temp was ok. after three mo. now temp has started to fluctuate. new water pump?

It starts like a champ when it has been setting. But if I try to restart shortly thereafter, I have to try and try. Only successful if I gas it too. Cleaned battery compartment and cables. Bought a new battery and still problem... Any clues? Thanks!

The problem started last winter so I took it to a Chevrolet dealership and they changed the Idle Control Valve and remapped,Cam Position Sensor, Ignition Switch. Runs great during warm weather only occurs when the temperature is in the mid to low 50's or below. It will restart when I put the car in neutral and the Idle Control Valve sounds like it is sucking air when I accelerate, and when the RPM's drop while braking it gasps when I slow at about 30 mph. Now the problem has started again with the cold weather approaching and the only common denominator is the cold weather because it runs and idles quietly during warm weather. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

the t/c light is on all the time and when i press the t/c button it dont come off can someone help me with this please

the car will not take gas into the tank.

make alot of noise when driving around 70mph

Lights and radio work. Have replaced the battery and starter.
Truck was running fine the day before.

Have replaced the battery and the starter. Still get l click and does not start. Lights and radio work fine. What do I need to check?

2 days ago i go to start my car and thew tumblers in my ignition switch were locked(I've never had this problem before), so I went out and spent $400 on a new ignition switch and the electric black box on the back. I got it installed and the ignition freely moves to accessories and the on position, but when you go to turn it over and get it to crank it just clicks.... but won't turn over. Please help before I have to take this into a GM dealership and get "rear ended" with prices. i'd love to just be able to either fix it on my own or atleast be able to let them know what I need done. Thanks in advance!!!!!!

4WD service light came on and I can not get the truck into 4WD no lights on switch generally but occassionally the truck will go into 4WD low all by itself while I am driving when this happens I have trouble getting the truck back into 2 WD and usually have to turn the engine off and on a few times also occassionally the red light next to the N will come on. Any suggestions on a solution?

could it be relay went bad?

the head lights flicker/pulse as do the dash lights. It doesn't happen all the time but quite a bit. I also notice that the amp guage fluctuates. Any idea on what it could be?

do I need to replace something and how do I do that