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I have a clunking noise coming from the steering column area. On smooth roads, no noise. When I hit bumps, I then hear the clunking but if I turn the wheel a little, it goes away until I let the wheel go. Also while sitting at a standstill, if I turn the wheel left and right quickly you hear a clunking then too. I have had the Intermediate Shaft replaced and the clunk is still there.
the truck is acting like its shifting into 4 wheel drive as driving and turning. Ground cleaned and switch replaced new switch acts the same lights act up but the new switch did shift transfer case
occurs all the when you turn wipers off
Constant clanking/clanging noise coming from front end of car. As the speed of the car increases, so does the speed of the sound (ie, slow speed = slow sound; fast speed = faster sound). Tires are a bit worn, but do not show uneven wear. Sound has been there about a week. I had sway bars replaced about 3 years ago.
Just paid it off bought it brand new from the chevy dealership! All this car has been since we bought is a problem. From actuators to transmission issues. Recently had a reduced engine speed error 500 bucks to replace throttle body and throttle body sensor not even a month later car will not start... Everything turns on just does not crank over... Well 1098 dollars later it's the ECM... This is just poor quality and poor service on chevy's part. A lot of these issues should be recalled! So if you have a 08 Malibu and your having issues contact me I probably know what the issue is since mine has been I the shop so many times
remove and replace R&R,,hub assembly 5134124 moog ,, ball joint k5335
I just bought this truck last week. They said they didnt know if the tow haul was working,but thought the light was just blown. I haul horses in the mountains, so I need to know. I'm scared to mess with it a lot since if I leave it in tow haul I could burn up the transmission. How do I tell if my tow haul button is broken or if it's just a blown dash light? Also both front lights beside the blinkers are blown, are those the daytime running lights, that's the only thing I can figure?
How do I bypass heater hose
I have Brake lights and turn signals.I replaced Circuit boards and Bulbs in Both taillights.Fuses.
Someone else replaced the head gasket and put it all back together before I acquired the car. I'm just trying to get it to run properly. Or at least well enough to drive. Any help will be appreciated tremendously !
changed airconditioner it had bad pully. changed spark plugs, checked plug wires, and replaced coil. It started drove for a day and half the turned car off. went to start next morning and would turn but would not start. what else can i check and what tools do i need and what else can i check
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