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If there is one, what's the best way to get to it?

friend said it was a bad sensor cause temp was ok. after three mo. now temp has started to fluctuate. new water pump?

It starts like a champ when it has been setting. But if I try to restart shortly thereafter, I have to try and try. Only successful if I gas it too. Cleaned battery compartment and cables. Bought a new battery and still problem... Any clues? Thanks!

The problem started last winter so I took it to a Chevrolet dealership and they changed the Idle Control Valve and remapped,Cam Position Sensor, Ignition Switch. Runs great during warm weather only occurs when the temperature is in the mid to low 50's or below. It will restart when I put the car in neutral and the Idle Control Valve sounds like it is sucking air when I accelerate, and when the RPM's drop while braking it gasps when I slow at about 30 mph. Now the problem has started again with the cold weather approaching and the only common denominator is the cold weather because it runs and idles quietly during warm weather. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

the t/c light is on all the time and when i press the t/c button it dont come off can someone help me with this please

the car will not take gas into the tank.

make alot of noise when driving around 70mph

Lights and radio work. Have replaced the battery and starter.
Truck was running fine the day before.

Have replaced the battery and the starter. Still get l click and does not start. Lights and radio work fine. What do I need to check?

2 days ago i go to start my car and thew tumblers in my ignition switch were locked(I've never had this problem before), so I went out and spent $400 on a new ignition switch and the electric black box on the back. I got it installed and the ignition freely moves to accessories and the on position, but when you go to turn it over and get it to crank it just clicks.... but won't turn over. Please help before I have to take this into a GM dealership and get "rear ended" with prices. i'd love to just be able to either fix it on my own or atleast be able to let them know what I need done. Thanks in advance!!!!!!

4WD service light came on and I can not get the truck into 4WD no lights on switch generally but occassionally the truck will go into 4WD low all by itself while I am driving when this happens I have trouble getting the truck back into 2 WD and usually have to turn the engine off and on a few times also occassionally the red light next to the N will come on. Any suggestions on a solution?

could it be relay went bad?

the head lights flicker/pulse as do the dash lights. It doesn't happen all the time but quite a bit. I also notice that the amp guage fluctuates. Any idea on what it could be?

do I need to replace something and how do I do that

i tried to fix my horn and when i put the airbag back on it went crazy now i have no radio no interior lights what can i do to fix this i need the radio screw the horn

Already replaced the batteries in the remote but it still does not trigger the remote start.

can/t tell what gear its in truck has 13.000 miles

I’m just finishing a head gasket job on a 95 Beretta 2.2L and am having difficulty re-attaching the throttle valve cable. I can get it attached, but only with the throttle wide open and it won’t close once the cable is attached.

The throttle cable itself attaches fine and appears to work appropriately. Bracket is not bent. I’m sure of the cable locations as they have unique connectors to the bracket as well as unique sizes of ends for attaching to the pulleys on the throttle assembly. Where could I have gone wrong and what can I do to correct this?

When it rains and is cold outside it turns over but will not start. I've changed the ECM,temperature sensor, distributor cap/rotor. crank sensor, wires, and spark plugs. the codes that are showing now are P1345 and P1351.

When I tried to start to warm up in the morning it wont start. All the lights work and it sounds like it wants to start almost like you turned the key to far and held it there. I put a code reader on it says code 2070 possible intake manifold tuning valve stuck open. Could this be right and that is why its not starting. When I look online most people say there check engine light is on and it still runs. My engine light didnt come on before this happened. Also I cannot find and DIY diagrams or manuals to try to help fix with out paying dealer. No warrenttee no $$

I have intalled a new brake switch. this happens whether the headlights are on auto or manuel. the auto fuction is always on and can not be turned off,if you switch it off it just reactivates when you turn the switch on.

The heat control bar has one arrow showing all the way on H and after 30 seconds all the arrows start flashing from C to H and then after about 60 seconds stops flashing with no arrows showing,Ihave removed the actuator motor and the door is not stuck,does this mean the actuator is bad or is there another issue. Thank You in advance... Wildman63

I had a P0300 code. Changed out fuel filter, throttle position sensor, cat converter, and coil for cylinder 2&3. The i got the P0420 code. If I just changed the cat with a brand new one, how can it be inefficient? Thanks for the Help.

i unscrewed the o2 and drove it and the skip went away so I thought the cat was clogged so I screwed the o2 back in and the skip came back THEN the check engine light came on and it ran perfect like when the o2 was out. Someone has replaced the maf and egr. I have a snap on scanner and the o2 is switching pretty good, so this is throwing me for a loop like the computer may be bad, any ideas? Thanks Ken

in 4wd rear whls spin but front whls don't turn

after driving for like 2 hours total but with breaks between for about 2 hours then going up a hill bout a 7 prcent grade for 2 miles the engine sounds like ur goin like 70 mph but ur only goin 50-55 what are causes of that and what can i do to fix it

when driving. I stop the engine and restarte the car the light will go off and stay for 3 to 4 days. I have no codes.

the information I have for installation shows two tabs, my model only has a notch, I have pulled it out, adjusted it four times in various positions, it still will not run

I removed and completely cleaned all lifters and now when I start it up it will not stay running and also shakes when it starts up

I attached line to small fixture adjacent to ac accumulator, front of engine, passenger side. New pump, but still in default defrost position.
Thanks, Kirk