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why does my impala go haywire wen u put it in any forward gear haywire as in all gauges go nuts bounce up and down every light pops up even doors speakers get all messed and sounding crazy know remind you it only does this in its forward gears park neutral and reverse it runs like a champ
Fuel pump does run. Replaced fuel filter. Cleaned MAF sensor. Checked all lines for connection and they are good. Did a passkey II bypass and still nothing. Any advice?
I know its related! Warning light first, then gauges kicking on and off, finally rpms jump up and down and the motor ends up dying! The only code it gives is p0108. I expected a brain problem.
I just purchased a '93 chevy k1500 from a
friend. It has been sitting for two years prior
to its break down. I was informed that when
it broke down a bunch of white smoke
discharged from underneath the truck. Also
the car would stay on but would not move
when put into gear. They attempted to try
and get it going before they towed it to its
final destination where it say for two years.

Now the car does not start at all. It truns
over but the lights dim everytime like its not
getting enough juice despite buying a new
battery. Took it to a shop to get fixed but
after a week there they were unable to get
the car started. They said there was no
power getting to the fuel pump and
distributor. They recommend me take it to a
shop to do the electrical work. I just got it
towed back to the house and now I'm
researching on how to get it up and
running. Any guidance will be very
appreciated. Thank you for reading.
1993 Chevrolet C/K 1500 Ext. Cab 6.5-ft. Bed 4WD
5 o v8 it acts like it starving for fuel at take off then it runs great after it picks up speed? New air and fuel filter, has 60 thousand miles.
What is the oil pressure of transmission fluid for Chevrolet express
I am checking the pressure from the pipe going to oil cooler and I am getting I am getting the pressure of 70 – 75 Psi but the clutches in the picture are burning.

I cannot send the picture if you send your mail I will send the picture
0-20 psi.and no more
I have a clunking noise coming from the steering column area. On smooth roads, no noise. When I hit bumps, I then hear the clunking but if I turn the wheel a little, it goes away until I let the wheel go. Also while sitting at a standstill, if I turn the wheel left and right quickly you hear a clunking then too. I have had the Intermediate Shaft replaced and the clunk is still there.
the truck is acting like its shifting into 4 wheel drive as driving and turning. Ground cleaned and switch replaced new switch acts the same lights act up but the new switch did shift transfer case
occurs all the when you turn wipers off
Constant clanking/clanging noise coming from front end of car. As the speed of the car increases, so does the speed of the sound (ie, slow speed = slow sound; fast speed = faster sound). Tires are a bit worn, but do not show uneven wear. Sound has been there about a week. I had sway bars replaced about 3 years ago.
Just paid it off bought it brand new from the chevy dealership! All this car has been since we bought is a problem. From actuators to transmission issues. Recently had a reduced engine speed error 500 bucks to replace throttle body and throttle body sensor not even a month later car will not start... Everything turns on just does not crank over... Well 1098 dollars later it's the ECM... This is just poor quality and poor service on chevy's part. A lot of these issues should be recalled! So if you have a 08 Malibu and your having issues contact me I probably know what the issue is since mine has been I the shop so many times
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