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the tilt works side to side but not up and down. I can hear a click when i press the u/d button.

Tried replacing the Front diff actuator indicator light just blinks will not go into 4WD, tried replacing the switch same thing, tried TCCM same thing, tried encoder motor same thing. Got the codes read I have a C0226 LF wheel speed sensor. Its 80 bucks don't really want to replace if I dont have to or if it does not fix my problem.

The starter has already been replaced not sure what is causing it.

my remote starter will not work and the diagnosis at the dealer was to change out the hood latch/ switch. I need to know if this is going to be as simple as it looks. three bolts, the cable for opening the hood and a wiring harness. Do I need to remove the battery cables?
thanks, Yoder

not sure how to determine which one

The slightest amount of moisture, combined with (barely) freezing temperatures, causes all four of my electric windows to freeze shut! I've had many vehicles with electric windows and have never had this problem before. It's maddening.

Just recently I had my coolant system repaired and now my ABS light has come on. I haven't had any problems with my brake system and was wondering if it could have been damaged during the engine work?

i changed fuel pump, it is working, im gitin fuel up to the bleader at back of intake, i have pressure, truck wont start unless i dump fuel into air cleaner tube

I pushed the 4HI position a couple weeks ago and it just blinked at me and would not engage. I replaced the front diff. actuator with a used one and it worked fine for about 2 weeks, then that one burned out so I replaced it with a brand new one and now the switch just blinks at me again when I try to engage any position except 2HI. Wondering if its the position sensor on the encoder motor on the transfer case, or the Transfer case control module behind the headlight switch in the dash? There is no service 4WD light.

wut should i do now

i changed the fuel pump ant im giting gas to the bleeder valve but wont start

will start when i dump gas in the air cleaner tube

buzzing heater noise

End of November I hit a pothole and caused a bubble in my front right tire. As I hurried home in fear I would get a flat, my car seemed to give a heavy pull/jerk every once in a while and the T/C light came on. Got 2 new front tires and I thought everything would be fine since the t/c light went off.

The next day I felt the pull/jerk, but it was very very subtle and then the t/c light came on then my check engine light came on as well. Got a reading on the lights and was told that it was 2 codes about the Camshaft Position Sensor.
On my way home I put some oil in my car and got some gas (near E) and when I turned my car back on, the lights went off.

Next day, I was in line at a bank and since the car was idle, the temp reached about 201 and the t/c light came on and so did the pull/jerk. I had OnStar tell me what was wrong and they said the codes were saying Engine Control System and the Anti Lock Brake malfunctioning. Later, I put a little bit of gas in my car and 50/50 antifreeze and the t/c light went off.

So overall, I hit a pothole and every time my car is idle and reaches 200 temp, the t/c light comes on along with a jerk/pull and when I put gas in it, it goes off.

Also, my A/C stopped blowing cool air in the middle of summer.

I just replace the actuator on my 97 Tahoe because the 4Hi light would blink and not engage. Is there a sensor that keeps the actuator from not engaging if the fluid is low? I am out money and sitting in a snow storm without my 4 wheel drive still.

first time this has ever happened.put gas in and still will not start.

when you turn heater on ,windshield steams up on the inside.

Where EXACTLY are they. I know one is under the hood and one is under the dash. I need exact location HELP

I'm a little confused by what they mean by the "lower console" in my 1999 Silhouette. The instructions for replacing the heater core tell me to remove the lower console to access the heater core cover.

is this a separate part that is not welded/attached to the strut and shock assembly and can it be replaced without replacing the entire strut and shock assembly? also does it have to be replaced in pairs like shocks do?

I read on this site that this year of camaro with 3.4 liter motor has trouble with extension housing seal leaks. does anyone no what extension housing seals are? the motor has a oil leak at the rear in the center at top i cant find.I could see some kind of cover over a hole at rear that might be a option if the motor had a distributor but i cant see the whole thing.

just filled up the tank, when this happened no prior problems, everthing returned to normal after turning off engine except the fuel gage is still upside down but still moves correctly. Ive heard the throttle body positon sensor might have caused reduce pwr msg bringing the truck to a crawl but it doent explain why the fuel gage went bonkers

same issue then truck came back to life even the ck eng lite went back out but the fuel gage is now upsidedown

the battery light, oil & coolant light come on when the key is turned to Aux but when I start the car all lights turn off and do not come back on, does that mean my car is ok ? I just want to know if there is something wrong with the car or engine will the light(s) come on and stay on even when I'm driving ?

and shortly after the car shut off i then struggled to get it home it died 2 more times within 25 miles and it was having problems shifting. i tried to shut off the traction control so that it maybe wouldnt matter but it kept popping on and saying service traction control then it feels rough running after that i need ideas on how to service traction control please.

After it pours rain, there is a big puddle of water on the passenger side, front seat, floor boards.
Can't tell where the water is entering from, I used a hose to run water over the outside of the car and couldn't see any leaks.
Anyone have to fix a similar problem before?

I was told by a friend that this requires dropping the entire steering column.

I am getting a service traction control error message. It says service stablink

went by book, found out someone had timing another way, before.
tried all i know , really need help. thank you. if you have answer you can call 813 417 5863 Emanuel

Van runs smooth once running. Just hard to start.