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Battery Lite is inttermitent. Diag Code P1637 Generator L Term Ckt
driver door. if I lock the door it unlocks on its own.the only way too stop the clicking is too pull the fuse
you turn on and in a while it cuts off. Brand new just installed and it cuts off.
Smog test result shows too high NOx at both 25mph and 15mph, but good higher NOx at 1610rpm(25mph) than that at 1670rpm(15mph), where the engine generate higher gases.
what gone wrong? the engine ? the CAT. converter's leaking? or damaged? Thanks for reply.
My truck has the 4.3 v6 engine and has rough idle with heavy exhaust at times and poor gas milage.
I know where the one that goes to the gauges is located but I have checked everywhere possible and still haven't found it. I tested the one that goes to the gauge by taking it out and the gauge quit then when I put it back in it was fine. Please help
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