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someone told me it might be a four-prong relay. Do you have a location and test method? Bulbs are all ok

It has a oil leak at the rear of the motor.The valve cover gaskets are good,Im pretty sure the intake manifold is leaking at the block,but it is hard to see.I removed the intake and resealed it,the block to intake doesnt have a seal according to the dealer they said to just put a 3/16 bead of a silicone at this area wich i did, but the leak is still there/Also the intake manifold rests to low.The intake has half of the valve cover surface area attached to it,the head has the other half of the surface area.The intake half of the valve cover seal area rests 1/8 of an inch lower than the head valve cover seal area,the valve cover gaskets sealed despite of this but i thought this may be causing a problem with block to intake seal.Is there anyone who knows about this problem. Having alot of trouble.

put key in to see if remote was no good and can't get key back out. would a dead battery do this

i've got fuel to the throttle body but not thru the injectors

tires inflated properly. no service lights on.

brakes work fine,no grabbing or nothing

Hello, I have a 2006 silver chevy cobalt LT. The door has been dented and I was considering going to the junkyard to find a replacement door as my dealer quoted me $1500 for repair. My questions are
1. Did the colour code change in the cobalts between years
2. Are the doors in the Cobalt and Pontiac G5 interchangable?
3. Is it possible to hook up the electrical to work with the Cobalt LT if I purchase an LS door?

Thanks so much for your help!

what is an ICM I here people talk about it have no clue what it is Larry

I recently bought a 1999 Prizm with 153,000 miles on it. It ran a little rough when I bought it but didnt' burn oil so I put new plugs and wires in it as they were in bad condition. I ran a couple cans of Seafoam and a couple bottles of fuel injector through it as well. Car started and ran great after that until it got cold this winter. On cold days it would occasionally sputter and die while starting it cold but ran and started fine when it warmed up. I read that a simple fix was the coolant sensor, so I replaced that. It seemed to help and it started and ran fine on some very cold and snowy days but then started doing it again. I've worked on cars a lot and am retrofitting a TBI system on my old jeep engine, but I lack a lot of practical knowledge and troubleshooting ability with fuel injected engines. By the way, the air filter was brand new when I bought it, oil is clean, no leaks or burning oil, and the old plugs just looked like they'd never been changed. Any ideas?

I have a 2006 1500 Silverado w/ 189000 miles. Since about 150k I have had very low oil pressure on start up. Low Oil Pressure alert going off. Once I drive for about 20 min and get everything warmed up my oil pressure holds normal with no drop at all. This is only an idle oil pressure problem. If I take off and drive it holds at about 40 lbs....but when I stop and idle it goes back down. Or I can just idle at a higher rpm and it holds.

I did use vmax 10/30 and just switched to penzoil high mileage. It seems to not be near as bad with the new oil. It is 10/30 as well.

It does not matter if it is summer or winter when doing this, it just does not take near as long in the summer time to stop setting off the Low Oil Pressure alert.

Any suggestions?

One other thing, If I am sitting on an incline it does it worse. If the truck is declined it does not do it as bad. And this is when oil levels are prefect, so I know its not a low oil situation.

Last week i hit a big pothole,on the front pasenger side, and since that they the Airbag light stay on. We use the machine to reset it, but it doen't reset it. 05 Airbag. what that mean, and where is it so i can replace it.

all other gauges work

The noise comes on and will shut off intermittently while the vehicle is running. It sounds like a fan. It is coming from underneath the vehicle in the rear on the driver's side. It appears that the noise is coming from a square looking device.

Fluid level fine. No acrid smell.sometimes it shifts fine. Especially first thing in the morning. Could it be electronic in nature? sensor etc.

when running gas guage shows well above full. with vehicle off guage shows a quarter tank when should show below "E".
2005 chevy venture. whats up ???

trouble installing cannot get battery turned into place

could it be dust in the drums or brake pads

If I leave the car in idle it will start to overheat, a personal mechanic looked at it already but not at a shop so could not diagnose why the fans were not coming on unless I turned on my A.C.

I recently bought a 2006 1.6L Aveo. The oil light comes on after driving a little while and the lifters starts clicking. I changed the oil once. I'll let the car sit a day and start it up again. No lights are on and when I drive a little while the oil light comes on again and the lifters click. I read to check the oil pressure with a gauge. I need to know what the normal oil pressure is.

I was adding an Isimple ipod gateway and bluetooth modul and caused a short on the din cable. the dvd player works but no sound. no door chimes and right side passenger (front) door lock and window won't work. i thought i smoked the radio (Factory 6 disc xm)so i bought a new one and same thing. is there a relay or fuse that i'am not seeing. when it happened i saw a RES ERROR on the radio then blank. HELP!!!

when it does start smells like it is flooded once when driving cut off an on and never did that again just started about 3 or 4 days ago when it got cold here in phoenix thanks Larry

Why does my van put out heat when it is riding, but not when idling?

and have a loud banging/rattling under my roof of the car. Any idea what this could be. I called the shop who fixed it and they said something about a shield that may have come loose? Any idea how bad this is or if I can fix it myself, instead of going all the way back to the shop?

does this light suppose to stay on and does it mean im in 4 wheel drive mode? Ive tried turning the knob at front left wheel hub but the light remains on but only when my headlights are on. daytime without headlights there is no light. vehicle in question is a 77 Chevy stepside K10.

'03 Silverado 5.3 V-8. Barely runs while driving through rain. Loses power, misfires, backfires. Simple tune-up, or something more needed?

Is my trans a 4L60E??

When I brake, a rattling noise begins from inside the dashboard and then stops when the car comes to a stop. Its not anything to do with the brakes or tires.

I have a oil leak where the lower intake meets the block at rear of motor. I got a seal kit from the dealer but it doesnt include a gasket between the block and motor. The dealer said to put a 3/16 bead of silicone at that area but it didnt stop the leak,is there anywhere i can get this seal or any ideas on what i can do to stop the leak?

The truck will not start after a quick stop.It will crank over good. Eventually after several attemts the vehicle starts up. This happend few times only. I have replace spark plugs and fuel filter.Good example I drove from VA to PA and at PA after a 20min stop the truck will not start but it did after a while. I was told by Mechanic that as long truck starts up they cannot trouble shoot.Please advice

i have to put motor oil between every 3 months change because it burn it and its using a lot of gasoline, i think it most be something electronic but i am not sure