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It's a v6
Checked connector on rear of radio. It has a Bose system. Had a little Static for a minute and then radio stopped playing.
the front wheel off so that i might change the pads
battery old so put in a new one & same thing, no warning lights prior to this, power to lights but not to engine. could this be something with the ignition or starter, if so will the vehicle need to be towed, or can i possibly replace the part?
The car started right up after he was done but noticed a small fluid leak. We fixed a pin which was put in crooked. Tried to start the car up again to check for leaks again but the car won't start now! WHY?? Is there some kind of security reset I need to do??? My car is done but I can't test drive it!! Very frustrating. Can't even drive car to dealer cuz it won't start!!!!
Autozone said it is the thermostat,but it idles rough and has lost power
changed the encoder motor now 4x4 works fine but it flashes while in 4 hi
It is a 1982 K10 pickup.
I have replaced the gas cap, mass sensor and now the raditor
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