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temp not accurate. when its hot outside say 82* my car is only showing 68* .
I jump started my car with a small 450 amp jump start unit and after this the power steering was arm strong.
My service 4x4 light is on and stays on , the 4x4 won't engage , and there's a noise coming from under the truck when I down shift or I'm coming to a stop , when the clutch is pushed in or not ???
So im having an issue my windows work fine when the key is on acc on or running but when i turn it off the windows will not work.. the radio staus on for the 10 min or until i open the door just no power to the windows..
Not sure what's going on but my s10 won't start sometimes but sometimes it will!! I might go out in the morning and it will fire right off but if I let it sit at work all day and go to start it all the dash lights come on and when I turn the key nothing happens not even a started click but if I turn the key a dozen or more time sometime it will work and it will start!! Thought it was the clutch switch but I bypassed that and like I said sometime is wil start and sometimes it won't if it sits battery is brand new.. open for answers thanks
When i am at a stop light my rpms go up and my car wants to go
I have recently got an 05 Chevy up Lander and the back driver side sliding door will not open with power or manually. When the fuse is removed you can hear the motor and if you leave the fuse in and start to drive it, I makes this annoying dinging noise like the door is open. Can anyone help me please. I just at least want to be able to open the door so I don't have to climb and get my kids out.
When accelerating from 30 60 it has a violent wobble good tires changed control arms and train mount
I have a 2005 mote carlo 3.8 with 195000 miles. it will runs fine but will stall out after driving just a few miles {2-15}. it will just shut down and will not restart. it sets a mass air flow code and will start and repeat this as soon as you clear the code. the mass air flow sensor was replaced with a known good part but the problem persists. It will idle fine for as long as you want . the problem started within 100 miles of the engine being washed off but ran fine immediately after that had been done. an abs connector on the right front had just been installed and the codes for that cleared. any suggestions?
All heater controls don't work the cruze control the speedometer don't work and most of the gauges don't work only one that works is the tack an oil gauge
It started fine last night this morning it tried to turn over but then just clicking noise when you try to start it.
The driver side seat back frame needs to be replaced. According to the dealership I have to replace it for it to be able to tilt forward and backwards.
the fuel pump making noise as if stuck could the relay be going out ? can it be tested ? hoping to find somthing out dont want to drop the tank and replace fuel pump if i dont have to
Relays and fuses
front parking DRL bulb's burn out quick ,bulb;s have already melted the housing cover;s twice . heard LED;s don't burn out as quick .
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