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Battery good. It still won't do anything doesn't crank turn over nothing. What else do I need to check

Just bought the car and noticed the previous owner completely deleted the wiring harness to the sensor. Where does this harness tap into?

The air and heat will not turn on in my rear.

how to change 4way balance brake block

One day I was driving my car, working perfectly fine. I turned it off. For about 3
20 minutes, I tried to turn it back on it wouldn't start. It kept making an repetitive clicking sound while my engine light was on. About an hour later I got an jump it I was good to go for about a couple days. Then same thing happened to me but this time I waited about an hour and it caught and started working, but my battery light came on. But I went to autozone and they tested battery, starter, and alternator.

Duramax Diesel Allison transmission four-wheel drive VIN code 8

tried disconnecting and reconnecting wires of lights and battery and nothing

With driver door closed in park.

I put in a new button switch for trunk release and have been inside center of car when installing a new pioneer car stereo also and now the switch stopped working.

This happens when I push a phone charger into a cigarette lighter and am driving or not driving or sometimes it just starts on its own when I am parked and doing nothing. This happened once when the car was running and I got out and went around from passenger side to driver side and I was locked out for 20 minutes but eventually it unlocked itself and I was able to get in.

the replacement cv axles do not have these shims on them. do I need to transfer them to the replacement shafts

Put Freon in and will hold as long as I am driving, but when I shut it of has a loud noise and then no clod air. Won't hold Freon.

The passock ll anti theft system

Key and try it again and it starts right up any ideas what it could b

My car ran out of oil and by the time I realized it, the car began to knock pretty bad. I stopped right then and put in 3 qts of oil. This caused the knocking to quieten to a mild tick. However, that was 4 days ago and since then the ticking has became a slightly mild knock again. The car hasn't seemed to lose much power if any, but then I have also been taking it super easy and slow on it. I know that it is either a rod or a lifter arm knocking. My question is if it is either of those can it be replaced or is replacing the engine my only option.

Was working turn it off to go to the store when i came back and started the car it was not working.

Is there a recall

air condition keeps blowing fuses and I replaced rely?

My check engine light keeps coming on took it to a muffler place the guy said that my exhaust system is fine but my resonator is rusting out and that it will need replace in 6 months to a year . My check engine light came on today and I was driving my car 70 mph down the freeway just fine

How do i change back. 3 spark plugs in Chevy impala 2008

Ok, have a 2000 silverado with the 4l60e. I have reverse, but I go to shift it into D, it seems to be in 2nd. Sluggish acceleration. I can shift it down to 1st, it'll drive in 1st, shift into 2nd and that's it. Check engine light comes on, had the codes checked at AutoZone. Came up with 13 codes. But I'm figuring one thing is causing a the rest to fault. Fluid is goid, not burnt. Any ideas?

I see the panel displaying V4 and V6 is this cylinder deactivation?

I just don't know. Where it connects at

The gas light went off for a while now told it might be a camshaft sensor I've heard of other Malibu people having the same issue

replaced everything the the codes said but still nothing

Beeping noise on my 2005 uplander. Put it in drive and stay beeping. I put it in park and engine still on and beeping stops

Just had the clutch and flywheel replaced at a hefty price too.

Have had electrician spend 1.5 hrs already (not familiar with trackers). Eliminated fuse, relay and 'four corners'. Can't afford to have blind search. Any ideas? Or know of Tracker repair shop in Phoenix area?

When you turn it over nothing but when you let off the starter it'll pop a few times maybe try to fire once then nothing it goes that way until it finally starts or the battery goes dead

it never done that before not until i had the main gas line repaired. i had new spark plugs put in and a new fuel filter also. the fuel pump is very strong. what could be the issue now. pls help