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can't locate it compared to my other older GMC pick ups.
I was told the tccm is in the passenger side kick panel,it's not can any one tell where it is?
My equinox starts ,but after running about 10min, engine looses all power & stops, no warning. It smells hot but doesnt register overheated. Mech installed new ingnition switch & fuel pump relay. This did nothing, but cost $650. Please help me!! Thanks
battery and alternator both replaced belt tight, gets worse if using a/c or heat seems to be idling at 500 to 600 rpm when its messing up, if I gas it to 1100 rpms all goes back to normal . is there any way to turn up idle.
also first thing in the morning it will warm up fine until the choke turns off
to tow 4 wheels down which fuse is removed so the battery wont die while towing and where is it
I have a 2010 impala, my check engine light kept coming on so I ran some codes on it come to find out i had to replace my throttle body! It still acts the same I can only drive it for 15/20 minutes before it starts to idle and then eventually die when I come to a complete stop, everywhere I take it don't know what wrong because the engine light ant on
Took Ac fuses out let car warm up heater air still blows cold the Ac light comes on with defrost I was hoping the Ac button was just stuck and that's why air wouldn't get warm but removing fuses made no change in air temp
The handle to turn on the wipers is in a lock status & the signal lights do not turn off automatically shut off after completing a left or right turn
When I turn on the ignition,there is alot of fuel coming out somewhere on the driver side seat area under the Blazer which is a 1999 Chevy sport utility 4x4. Is there any clamps or couplings that I should look for or check? Any helpful input will be appreciated.Thank You
Recently while driving the Check Engine light came on and the furl gauge began to move towards empty. Within ten minutes the gauge went from just short of a quarter tank to empty. I was able to get to my mechanic, who checked it out and said it was out of gas. Upon re-starting the engine, the Check light went out and the fuel gauge registered about an eight of a tank. What happened here?.
Started chevy up, at first it hesitates to start . Before it stopped cranking I took it to auto zone but the reading said alternator, starter, and battery were good but they could not check solenoid.Returned home and tried cranking it, now all we get is grinding and clicking noice, is solenoid bad? It has 2001k.miles on it
Blower stops then restarts after about thirty minutes
The top vacuum line connecting to were the throttle body isn't sucking air at all... normally it sucks air the way the brake booster hose line does wen disconnecting the line the car idles down or bogs down like it wants to turn off but it doesn't even do that..
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