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My motor be rattling

on June 10,2011 our truck was in a neighbor hood going about 10 t0 15 miles per hr. when he swerved to miss a cat. at that point the front left wheel broke off and made us hit another car... any recalls or any one else having this problem?

When check engine light is on
it won't start tap on the brain and sometimes you can get the light to go out then you can start it but then you give it gas it Bogs down and won't shift right

I want to say it want to start but not. Battery good, fuel pump and filter. What could be the problem

I was drivin and my car shut off i tried cranking it up it still would not crank i put a new fuel pump nd filter still wouldnt crank can u please tell me the problem

we are going on vacation and we are going to tow the car behind rv but , the steering wheel wont go into lock position

Amount to replace

What can I look at for this problem , gas gauge or temp gauge doesn't work , and ac comes on but blows only hot air ,

Also the tire pressure on the car shows different than the manual tire gauge

Trying to order 3rd row seat. Some dealers state that 2008 to 2014 3rd Row seats should fit any of the 1500 Express vans for those years from 2008-20014

when the power goes off everthing else works.

My turn signals don't work unless I hold the lever up or passenger side and down and push forward or drivers side, The mechanic wants to chage $120 or labor to put the new switch in, is that an appropriate amount to charge?

Doesn't move back automatically when key is removed

are there trunk releases in the car

We changed the fuel filter and I was able to crank it for one whole day then the next day I drove to Kroger and cut it off and it wouldn't crank back up. So now its stuck there. Also do you have a tow truck available to bring it to your shop??

I was driving and the truck quit running

I want to know how replace the injector number 1

My truck will not idle down. It has a 4.3 v6 engine

The 2 wheel light use to always stay on and could it just be the fuse wete ever its licated and is it safe to drive it like this its in 2 wheel drive it just wont go back into 4 wheel drive please help

After driving about 50 km it picks up just a little bit from zero. But if i stop and let it idle it picks up normal to almost at the middle. What could the problem be?

It sounds like there is a hole around the engine that makes this really loud roar when driving any possibilities of what that could be?

The E-brake switch was off when I took it in for the transmission rebuilt, when I pick it up the E-brake is on and won't turn off. I took it to another shop and they change the E-brake switch and now they are saying it may be in the computer for the ABS system.

V6 3100 automatic transmission

Replaced oil sending unit oil pressre was at 60 psi at idle. Now it over heats still the reservoir boils over.

Located near the center of the dash.

Occurred after removing dash. I installed a home made switch which worked. I suspect other problems.

it also vibrates and drink gas

Changed iss/oss sensor shafted great for couple days went back to sharfting bad

spark plugs and cables which order do they go

does the power steering unit get hot and burn the hoses on the drivers side