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Oil is running down behind the oil filter area and oil pressure guage needle barely moves at all.

tbs sensor changed and theinjector idle air control sensor. no check engine light not on. truck acted up last time it rained and the shop changed cap and plugs and rotor ran for 3 weeks rained again and truck wouldnt start. no moisture in cap.

Why is the cluster fluctuating back and forth Until you break the accelerator.. ?

The fuel pump was changed 4 times. When a new pump is put on, in runs fine for a few hundred miles. Then it russ terrable. Spits and sputters.

Had to get a tranmisson pump and oil pump also.

brake lights staying on while running

truck crank but no spark to the engine no fire to plugs dash light come on and than off when turning key

Yesterday day I had heat today none just cold air the in hose to the heater core is hot and the out hose is cold.

How can you check the to see if it is the line or return line from the injector pump?
I pulled the 2 screws from the filter mount. Could see a very small a amount or light trace of fuel under it. I wiped it out started it. It was wet or light trace again. How and where to look?
thank you

truck runs good at 60 mph but going up grade slows down and misfires. can I drive truck for awhile without wrecking engine?

If check engine light comes on and stays on for a few days then goes off on its own will it still store code in the memory or would discard it

no antifreeze in oil but level goes down and misfires regularly

I have bled the clutch slave and still have no clutch .How can I tell if the master cylinder is the problem. There is a little clutch but not enough to drive it. Had this trble before but bleeding slave cured it .could the slave line have rust in it and what is the cost per part? THKS BEN 1989 yr

ive recently had the dash apart to fix the defrost diverter. i hooked up my camper and a few mile down the road i could smell electric burning. when i got home i noticed the fuse for the door locks was blown. iv since had the dash back apart and replaced the door lock relay. worked fine for a week until i hooked up my camper again. which blew the fuse within 15 miles. ive disconnected the brake controller the cig. lighter ports. and the fuse blows as soon as i put one in (gone as far as 30a)

power steering box, power steering pump and hydro vac brake booster were all replaced and the whole system was bled out

I changed my full filter and full pump in my 1997 Chevy 3500 silvarodo P/U 7.4Lt and was running 10-18 psi so I put in a new full reg and it stayed at 10-18 Psi. so I picked up a Haynes manual that shows that 10-18PSI is the rang for a V6. Autozone gave me the rong Pump. So now I have instaled the E3270N pump and it is reading 20-30 PSI. There was only one clamp in the pump kit but the hose fit snug to the pump can I be loosing the pressure from the gas cap? 25 PSI

I put in a new full pump and it starts right up idles smooth till i give it gas then it sputters till it warms up and it runs fine but it sputter puling away from the stop sign then smoths out and runs fine till the next stop sign. any idas??

I changed out the gass fillter and that seemd to hellp.

Replaced the switch have followed the wires from cab to lights running down the frame cannot find any shorts that way. Any ideas on where to go now

Have power to & fuse(Fuse is good) but none to connector. This fan is for the A/C condenser. Can't locate the relay. Any ideas where it might be. It's not in the fuse/relay center. A/c is cooling fine. This fan should be running when the truck is not moving and the a/c is on.