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it started this at 95000 miles on it at the time took it to the cheve garage to be checked over while still in warranty they said it was fine I now have it at a independent shop spent 300 hundred on test shop owner said he had one more test to do he thinks its a sensor inside the engine and wants 2000 thousand dollars to fix it?
replaced fuel pump twice gauge will not work wright
replaced fuel pump twice fuel gauge will not work wright
The rattling noise sounds like something is loose but I have checked everything that I can think of and nothing appears to be loose. Possibilities?
I replaced the starter on my 2002 Tahoe. I hooked the battery back up and tried to start. The car will crank over but will not start and the new starter sounds worse than the old one.
Makes no noises, but burns more fuel than normal, doing this
1995 Chevy S10 will not go over 40mph and burns more than normal fuel. Changed spark plugs and still did the same.
Using lot oil approx at 800 miles no smoke except a little when start up
message came up major engine problem. This started with the problem suddenly.
There is no light on the spedometer or info box.
03 cavalier was running good stopped at the store and water blew from back of motor and now it won't start at all any clue..
Had it towed home checked for spark from coil . No spark
no fire at plugs and no rpm"s on tach when trying to start
when the temp. outside is 78* the temp insde the car shows 68*.
temp not accurate. when its hot outside say 82* my car is only showing 68* .
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