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Why won't my ac blow cold air? Installed new compressor, accumulator, bled and recharged system. There are no leaks. Everything works but no cold air.

A few weeks ago while climbing a steep hill @~50-55 mph under a heavy rainstorm a sudden train of pushes were felt & speed came down to ~35 mph. The symptoms repeated at a second hill right after the first one. It has also happened in flat roads after that. After checking the codes it says: P0507. Have tried at the internet but the code-vehicle combination has elluded me; all I find is another problem in the vehicle or the problem at another vehicle.
How to proceed from here would be appreciated. Keep in mind that I'm not a mechanic but have worked as an Electronic Tech., also many years ago repaired my 20R engine from a Celica-1978.

I have a 2007 Chevy Colorado with a 3.7 liter engine. The problem started about 2 years ago when the starter went out. I had it replaced and then about 6 months after that it started having issues randomly not starting. Part of the problem is it's so random it's hard to reproduce the problem. There are time when you turn the key you get nothing like its a dead battery. If you jump it will start sometimes or if let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour it will start on its own.

I finally had to drop it off at the shop and they had it for a week and said it was the starter. They replaced the starter and that seemed to help for a little while and then it started acting up again. doing the exact same thing.
For a while it seemed like that something was getting hot and then once it cooled down it would start. Then it just started happening more often. I finally got it to act up for the mechanic and he claimed it was the starter again. They replaced the starter for the third time and the problem as returned. The mechanic and I are at a complete loss. There are no service engine lights or codes. when it comes to electrical problems that would be a weak area for me.

I've had 3 starters in two years
I replaced the battery
I've replaced the battery cables

Any suggestions or solutions would greatly be appreciated

Is this an easy fix as I have been Told? Please advise. Thank you

If u give it gas while trying to start it will start but barely runs and can barely give it any gas. Has no power.

Turn signal blink very fast

where is the oil pressure sensor located on the engine

tried balancing/rotating tires.
bought 2 replacement wheels with no improvement.

I am trying to upgrade to leather but i know rear seats are different but what about the fronts ?

Hi there,
My battery light does this odd thing...
It flashes on and off before I start my van.
I put the key in the ignition and turn it to the point just before the starter engages and the battery light either flashes on and off or it does not come on at all... if it does not come on at all my volt meter on the dash reads about 9 or 10 volts. If I try to drive the van will die.
If I step on the gas, still in park, the volt meter will rise back up to 13 to 14 volts and stay there and the van drives normally.
Any idea what's going on??


need to replace a broken rear door handle

It Idles Rough A service traction Control light stays on an engine light also . its throwing these codes p0301 p1174

I need to fill my oil and it's not under the hood like my 1993. Some say it's inside but I don't know where. Please help if you can. And thank you!

When I drive my car in residential areas I will be at a stop and my car rpms will go up and down and then the car dies but if I hit the gas it tries to go so it doesn't dies just stutters in a way. When I accelerate on the highway it just seems like it stalls a little but I don't have major issues, not sure if it is related. I have gotten a new battery, new throttle body (which seemed to help but now is acting back up), throttle body cleaned (again helped for a couple of days and acted back up), new variable valve timing solenoid, new spark plug in line 4. I am dumping so much money in it and no one seems to know what is really wrong with it. Please help.

it will blow the fuse within seconds. And it just started doing it.

It runs fine as long as I aing going up a hill why

Okay I was driving and I notice that my van didn't have oil as I was driving the van shut down and it was smoking and oil leaked out the bottom of it. Is that a real sign of damage? Or can I put oil in it and still be able to drive it after the fact.

Okay I was driving and I notice that I didn't have any oil as I was driving the van shut down and it was smoking and oil leaked out the bottom of it. Is that a sign of real damage? Or can I put oil in it and be able to drive it after the fact.what can I do.

Smoke coming from front left brake

have replaced the oil seals in transmission and got a new transmission and still the bus won't shift into other gears the reverse won't work, when hit the gas pedal won't go, hear it working but not moving; i have a bluebird bus not a g series van but there was no option for bluebird

When you give it gas it back fires and dies.this all started yesterday.

My account compressor won't turn on

I just bought my car its a 2007 equinox i see it has recalls are there still good for my car

I checked for codes and there was none that my reader could find

when you shut it off to go to the store say30 min it wont come back till it sets overnight

Mph then it just revs up and barely goes I have already changed transmission fluid, all shifting solenoids, and the pressure switch manifold on's pulling up 4 codes that are C0455, C0244, U1064, U1026...any help would be greatly appreciate it.

It doesn't make any noise like it's going to start or even hesitate to turn over I have power so I was wondering was it the starter or my ignition switch

Why is my alnater heating up wen my car is off

Have a code of PO466. does it need corrected & will it cause problems if not corrected?

and wire. But mine doesnt have them.