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drove 110 miles a 15 gallon tank go9t 7 miles per gallon

I want to know if anyone can tell me for sure what the problem is. I've heard many it might be such and such, or if no one knows, how I can check to see what the problem is without taking it to a shop. It sounds like rocks hitting each other when I shift into drive, there is also a grinding noise as well.

I have milky oil water from exhaust with the timing chain driving the water pump is it possible for antifreeze to get into the engine oil there are no external leaks.

ignition problem

what part do i need? When i put key and turned over i just heard a click.

The clock light will not go out after the car is turn off. It stays on all night and day. Has started the starter and the battery to drag

when I turned it off the next day started up and all gages inop . signal lights work, high beam inop

Cool weather, not using a/c. No steam from engine. Checked van after sitting overnight; message is still showing saying engine hot.

Have replaced transfer case vacuum switch. Stuck in 4 wh. Actuator is working.

truck crank but no spark to the engine no fire to plugs dash light come on and than off when turning key

Have a diesel when I start it it up when it's dead cooled it spills some coolant out of the reservoir any suggetions

what could cause this problem. What should I look for.

codes are P0446,P0300,P0135,P0030 car will not shift from 2nd to 3rd gear need help please i love my cobalt

Dead battery replaced tomorrow. "Red towing cable" removed from fuse terminal.
Could it be cam shaft position sensor? Please help!!! I'm my own machanic can't afford thousands when I can do this myself. Replaced spark plugs ( needed badly)

the fan belt was changed twice and keeps splitting into two and falling off even though the crank shaft pully was changed.

Wile driving yesterday out of no where my truck made a loude clunk and hard jerk. and it feels like my transmission or differential broke a tooth. I idle speed home and every 100 feet or so it made that sound and Jerked hard like it wanted to lock up. I do all my own work on my truck. Electrical & mechanical but my dumbshit book (Chilton manual) only gets me so far. I got her ass up, shoes off, and on jacks. I noticed wile taking off her shoes I could spin the tires wile she was in park. Drive shaft did not turn only wheels. Can you please tell me what you think the problem is? Need to get to my job I put on hold. Thank you very much for you time and help.

Only when reversing my car or you have the car on park. Is makes a loudifference noise too

My vehicle broke down after having the timing chain replaced for the 2nd time in its life. After 50 days in the shop, they just called to tell me it was the catalytic converters and it was going to cost me $2049.64. Aside from being raped on the price and length of time it sat in the shop and I had to beg rides from others, this last Saturday I stopped in and the GM told me it was likely the 2 Catalytic converters and he had them off and being tested. The store manager just called me and said that all 3 had to be replaced and I questioned it being 3 but he was adamant. He is also a liar and a thief so I need to know how many cats there are in my vehicle please.

My truck was under water for about 4 hours due to a hurricane. The water reached the seats, so about halfway up the doors.
As a result, my 4WD, horn, keyless entry, and hazard lights didn't work. Hazard lights wouldn't go off.
I took it to a shop. The guy installed a used BCM and apparently didn't know how to program it. The only thing fixed was hazard lights. HOWEVER, the odometer reading was over 8,000 miles off, due to the donor BCM!
He said he'd fix everything and install a new BCM. He gave another estimate, and also included a new horn and transfer shift module (saying that was needed to fix 4WD) plus more labor charges.
My question...Wouldn't a new BCM fix all the issues (4WD, keyless entry, horn, and correct mileage)?

Checked electrical connections and vacuum hoses

I am at a repair facility now brought car in temperature gauge was sticking on 210 now the repair facility tells me it only has one quart in it and they are changing it? Does that have any thing to do with the temperature gauge and is there any other kind of notification the vehicle would gave given me that it was low on oil? Thanks

after a changed the front passenger tire with the donut provided tried to drive on highway and will not accelerate and a warning light pops up on dashboard in the right side rpm window

Not sure how do it

car dont start just cranks then hours later starts check engine on

After warms up replaced fuel filter pump is kicking on I did find a spark plug wire cut into just replaced one wire tho please if I can help me figure out my truck thank u please it threw one code an thst was a switch on top gas tank have a parts truck so got it changed no codes at all now but still doing it idk

Drives good on 1st and 2nd

My parking brake will not ratchet down and lock brakes

My Malibu has 153,000 miles and I'm afraid I may have to replace the steering column, as the electric power steering is failing. Is there a recall from Chevy that covers this issue?

ove. What can I do?

What Else do I need to replace to get the check engine light to stay off