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i am working on a chevy 6.5 turbo diesel. the pump is now removed, and being tested for repairs by a reputable shop. my question is: is it possible for the gear that attaches to the front of the pump w/3 bolts, able to have the timing changed on removal, or is the clearance in the timing cover limiting the ability of the gear timing from being changed?

turn signals are not working but hazards are working properly. is this a short in the wires or a switch or plug or fuse? checked all fuses and they are not blown

is there a way to re-seal intake manifold between the two vavle covers by the distrubitor without removing entire assembly? also what is the correct timing setting on this moter V8 350 5.7L please.

I just replaced the moter in my 1975 C60 dump truck. I got the moter out of a 81 chevy pickup. The moter from the truck ran and sounded fine. Swapped the altornator, water pump, power steering pump and distributor off the old dump truck moter. otherwise didnt touch the new moter. It is installed runs great but now there is a hollow knocking sound coming from the front of the moter. What could this be from?

speedometer quit

injectors putting out too much fuel, poor idle to stall, and black exhaust

air conditioner would cycle on & off continuously never really cooling now it needs new fluid

1986 chevy 3/4 t. 4 x4 keeps burning out distributor module, replaced again, now runs fine then starts sputtering and cleans out for a minute then does it again. idles high then drops down and up again. Going to put new distributor in, any other suggestions

How many oxygen sensors is there on a 1993 chevy silverado with a 5.7 liter

my truck's compressor keeps engaging and disengaging. some times in about 5 to 10 second intervals other times much shorter. air conditioner is not on. looking to find out if this can be stopped and how?

My 1996 k2500 heavy duty (8lugs), has always had full-time hubs. What do I need to know for converting them to manual locking? Are these hub ends convertable?

The truck seems to bounce at highway speed and has a wobble when stopping. Tires have 11/32 tred and only about 2,000 miles on them or less. I have had tires balanced twice at two differant shops. The first place said uneven wear on a tire and bent rim. They wanted to sell me new set tires. I went for new rim and same tires. I then took it to another shop and had them balanced as problem continued. They said tires okay and balanced out fine. I still have the same problem. I replaced all shocks, did a rear brake job, and have no steering problems. It tracks true and bounce seems to come from rear end. I even rotated tires and same problems seems to come from the rear. In my mirror I can see that the bed seems to bounce. I have some wieght in the back and that seems to help. I am going to try adjusting the leaf springs since the drivers side sits 3 cm lower, but the last shop said that should make no differance. They also recommended that I only keep 35psi instead of 50psi recommended in rear tires. Any ideas are appreciated.

When I run my diesel truck (its a standard transmission) for a while and turn it off it won't restart until it is completely cooled off.

my manual switches for my 4 wheel drive all stay lit. i have noticed when the truck shifts from 1st gear to second gear it boggs down and hesitates somewhat.could this be a transaxel motor that is bad?I also have a service 4 wheel light on.

what is the pressure in the a/c suposed to be?

Durmax Tranny Shift indicator light not on and I have only 3rd gear and sometimes reverse UG!!!!!!

2500 Durmax Tranny shift indicator light does not operate and I only have 3rd gear,sometimes reverse.UG!!!!!

does the purge outlet on the charcoal filled fuel vapor canister go to the intake manifold?
does the one marked tank connect to the line from the fuel tank? could these lines being reversed cause high pressure build up in my fuel tank?

The truck died. Replaced fuel pump in gas tank, fuel filter inside frame rail and have fuel up to the carburetor. No fuel is coming into carburetor. Engine runs if fuel is put directly into carburetor.

2000 chevy silverado lwb 4x4 gas auto it will have a vibration on take off up to 13-mph then it stops,had new u-joints/carrier bearing and shaft balanced and still does it/truck is still the same from factory,it does it with and without hauling,some tell me it is a angle problem,chevy says go to a 1-pc driveshaft,please help me,i want this fixed/

driving yesterday in 110 degrees a/c on max. my chevy 1997 2500 pickup 4x4 with a 7.4 was hesitaing,then when i tured it of and went to start it up again it started but stayed sputtering. i let it set for about two hours then it started but still hesitated.there was a funny smell not gas,the feul tank had a lot of pressure build-up, ive been using a ethonal blend gas last couple of fuel fill ups. drove it last nght when it got cool truck ran fine. is my truck vapor locking,the feul pump going out, bad feul or some sensor what do you know?

why does my feul tank build up so much pressure? is this normal?

firing order on 6.0 L 2005 chev. 2500 hd gas engine

the rpm metter, when driving will some times move up and down like it is shorting out, causing the truck to cut off and loose power, but will kick on when the truck comes to a stop.I thought it was a fuel pump but I dropped the tank and tested it, it works. I changed fuel fillters,and the thermostate. but it still does the same thing

The right side running lights on my 1983 3/4 dont work.
Flashers, turn signals and brake lights work fine.
When I turn on my running lights the right side dash
directional marker arrow stays lit.

my truck was wrecked and since then after fixing body parts my front tires wear out every 6 months

i have the caliper off and am not sure if the rotor is stuck that hard or if i have to do more to get it free?

which way does throwout bearing go on clutch

How much to replace Timing gears and chain?

How much to replace rod bearings on this vehicle

Neat site to come across thanks