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but will not turn in ignition two more keys same thing
Need a little help!! I lost the key to truck so I changed the lock cyclinder. Now the truck will crank and then die.. please help.. need this truck running!!
Wife drove my trk for only time had trouble getting er brake to release when did the ABS light came on went about 500 feet she states she heard a "pop" and the engine stopped. It has battery power and full power to everything. I had noticed that I could remove key while engine was running and if not careful would engage starter could this be clutch switch besides ingnition switch. Also how hard to change the ingnition switch? Thanks also the clutch comes out of the cylinder that the rod is in what holds it in?
It doent start now. What can be the problem
I have no heat and no defrost are air coming out of the vents
New battery and alternator but battery won't charge. I was told to check the alternator fuse.
The engine is running.
I am continuing to pop a MIL code of P0102 for MAF sensor low voltage. Performed all voltage and operational checks listed in guide book and everything works as advertized. Replaced MAF sensor twice, but continue to get the code.

What else should I be checking?
no heat and it blow's cold out of all the vents
Still wont start. Why
I have change both calipers and changed the fluid. When changing the fluid, it appeared more pressure was needed to push the fluid to the right side caliper. Is something in the anti braking system that could be causing this?
Spark plugs seem to be below exhaust manifold
I replaced the fuse on driver side fuse box. Is there anything else to check?
wondering if worn brake pads will cause the pedal to go to the floor? also how do i bleed the brakes on the truck, that may be part of the problem?
fuel pump went out replaced it then the truck started then dies replaced it 2 more times did not work check then grounds wires replace every senor pcm time set fuel presure regulapr
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