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I started the truck, and after it ran for about a minute, it suddenly just shut down, completely. It is electrical, that much I know.I tried to restart, and was met with utter silence.No lights, no spark.. nothing. I am hoping it is as simple as a fuse, but have no idea where to check
This is a 1985 Chevy 2500 pickup. I have put two master cylinders on and am about to put a third in three years. They all keep losing fluid from the back reservoir and leaking it into the brake booster. This truck gets driven very little, usually only about six months out of the year and then usually just short trips locally. what is causing these master cylinders to be going out so often?
This question is in regards to a 1985 Chevy 2500. Is the smallest and rearmost brake fluid reservoir for the front brakes or the rear brakes?
I have replaced all of fuel system, and the firing system. don't know what else to do.
when im going up hill is sputters and loses power
The other day I fixed the a/c in my truck and went to start it a few days later and something happened. The truck started fine and I turned on the a/c and it died. I heard a weird noise coming from under the dash and i felt around till I found a control module vibrating like crazy. I thought that part was bad so I ordered a new one and when I installed it it's still doing the same thing. The truck won't start and that module is going crazy still. NEED ADVICE
Just replaced back brake drums & pads & master cylinder.
My mechanic is trying to tell me this is normal.
No fluids leaking anywhere.
If it is a bad ground do I Start by looking under the hood or do I take the taillights out and check the ground there. When I last pulled my camper all of the lights also work but the taillights also did not work so now I am extremely stumped
I have only one code PO740
Will a windshield out of a 1996 Chevy 1500 fit
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