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I am having problems locating the oil pressure sending unit.

I only want to R&R the clutch slave cylinder and don't wish to do any more work than necessary. The engine and clutch only have about 40,000 miles on them.

My 2006 Chevy truck with a 6.0 has started showing 80 PSI on my gauge. What causes this? Is it the gauge or the pressure switch? Where is the switch located on this truck?

I have an 1985 Chevy truck. The master cylinder went bad causing the fluid to leak out of the back reservior causing the brake warning light to come on. I know the switch is located on a crossmember under the radiator. How do I reset this switch. I have replaced the master cylinder and have bled the brakes, but the light is on and I don't think I am getting full fluid pressure to the back brakes. I need to know how to reset the switch.

I fill my container up drive 3to4 blocks and my front resavoir go down add more same thing but I can'nt find a leak I check under the hoo around the wheel well nothing but I lost braking power.

thought it was low or empty so went to fill it and noticed it was leeeking from the cap quite a bit when i pulled off the cap i noticed that the fluid wasvery dard and bubbly but looked to be hot dose my pump need to be replaced or can i fix it by cleaning out line or something?

truck runs good until you turn on the lights. It starts loosing power and dies within minutes. turn off the lights, starts up just like normal.

rear drum brk locking up, releases in rev. but locks again when you put in drive.

replaced battery, checked fuses.

While shifting from park into drive, the shifter felt tight and with a strong pull downward, it sheared off inside the steering column. I am looking for guided info to fix it. Procedures, tools, materials, etc. I am sure this has happened to someone else out there? Thanks.

po172, system too lean bank one, code keeps coming up. i have cleaned the MAF sensor, installed a new air filter, cleaned my EGR valve!! code continues to come up!! any advice? i did all these things one day and the light went off when i was going to scan my truck to see if it was going to go away. now in my process of going to the auto store the light went out!! scanned it anyway and NO codes were shown!!! go figure!!! help!!

changing the trans fluid how many quarts and how often should the fluid be changed?

4x4. with a rod knock

I checked the bulbs they are good and the relay is blinking fast to tell me they're out.

fuel pump,dist,

engine is a 454

ac does not work compressor clutch will not engauge replaced switch assy in dash have 12 volts going to low preasure switch going to back of compressor then coming out going to pcm the ac high preasure switch cut out and ac compressor cycling switch low side works on ground put jumpers in then grounded straight to battery the pcm does notsend ground out to relay to engauge clutch i can manual engauge clutch at relay system works checked wire from relay to pcm ok i hooked solus pro to truck i can manual pull clutch in with truck off switch on but with truck running i cant does the pcm needs flashing

How does the carburetor come off of the intake manifold? Need to clean out the jets. Has been sitting for 10 years.

my engine just started knocking. when its cold the engine knocks quiet but as it warms up and gets hot it knocks loud. the oil pressure is low at a stop and it knocks loud and sputters a little. really slow and chugs when accelerating but the knock quiets down a little when driving but its still there and the oil pressure is normal. it sounds like its coming from the drivers side.

The leak is at the back of the engine. I can not find a diagram of the fuel line from the frame to the filter. This leak is a stream flowing down over the bellhousing to the ground.I need a cost to find and repair this.

im thinking its the fuel pump replaced the fuel filter still no dice im stuck without a fuel pressure gauge so i stuck a screwdriver tip into the scrader valve with switch on some gas came out but shouldnt it fly out even if briefly?

it stalls out like it gets to much fuel.have to press all the way down on gas to driving along and it just dies or starts chugging.sometimes the check engine lite comes on and sometimes not.blows heavy black smoke when restarted.also is hard to start on cold mornings will die if you dont feather the gas for first few mins

How to reset oil change

Not changing gears and no reverse.

labor estimate in hours and cost to replace water pump, power steering punp, master cylinder

some linkage came off and I have it but don't know exactly where it goes to enable the defrost to work.

looking for estimate on having catalyic converter replaced with new bolts and such fom manifold to the muffler

replaced both headlights

changed, replaced filter, fuel pump, electronic module

My trucks windshield wipers work but nothing comes out when I try to use the washer fluid. There doesn't seem to be any leaking out of the hoses, the bottle is full of fluid. Is there something else somewhere to check or do I need to replace the pump?
Thank you