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massive hesitation when warms up

The injections won't prime after the engine is warm I contacted several parts supplies and my model is not listed for a can position sensor but it's got to be one and where can I purchase it?

my entire instrument panel less my gas suddenly quit working engine fires fine no problems transmission is standard no problems when I turn on the headlights the dash lights light up but it rings like the doors open help please

With an electrical pushvbutton

i was going around a corner in my 1998 chev 2500 when the steering wheel locked,causing me to hit a tree. was just wondering if anyone else out there has had the same problem?

First off my truck is a 2500HD w/ 5.7 TBI,someone tried to steal it and my passlock shut down the injectors.So,first I replaced my whole fuel system before realizing it was the passlock.I thought it was cause they messed with the steering column so went to a junkyard and got another,same year,but no sure if it had the same anti theft. Thought if that was the case take my key lock housing off the old one and maybe it would read it but where it stands now I don't have any intermediate spark so the PCM isn't getting any signal.I have replaced every part in the ignition system,what's the problem Please I need help!!

Just replacement fuel pump check service engine light intermittent go off when engine shut off and restarted

this will continue unfilled you have blisters on fingers .

someone tried to steal my truck I went to the junkyard and got a different steering column I've replaced cap and rotor spark plugs spark plug wires coil coil pack crankshaft sensor fuel pump fuel pump relay battery new manifold gaskets lower and upper camshaft sensor iac valve new fuel filter ignition module maf sensor new starter and I still have a crank but no start situation

My 4x4 wasn't working so I replaced the actuator and now it shows the 4x4 comes on then I put it into 4x4 and the tires Dont spin at all what else should I look for

shop put in a new radiator now i have no heat?

gradually the heat is blowing more cold air? the fluids is up where its should be but im not getting the heat i use to get why am i not getting heat ? help ..

Truck always kicked-back when starting as if timing was advanced. Previously replaced ECM. Took to garage, they replaced dist & timed w/ meter - still kicked back but started & ran fine. Also replaced starter. Last week tried to start it. Spins over freely but no start. Gage needles spin totally upside-down and move slightly as engine cranks. Tried a few times, then things returned to normal & it started. Happened again, but problem is continuing this time. Replaced battery cleaned ground connections to block & body - problem still persisting.

oil leaks bad. theres a large nut on the bottom side of the housing where the oil filter screws on, i've replaced the o ring a couple times now and it still leaks bad. is there another housing I can put on that does not have that &%$#$% o ring.

turns on for 1 or 2 secends and shuts off i put new ignition and bypass antitheft unpluged coolant sensor tryed resistor and still not working do they sell sensor for the tumbler help

I can not get the spring on the back pad to compress enough the install the pad

What is a fair price for a heater core exchange

I have replaced my fuel pump 3 times, the last time it only lasted a week and it's out again. the first time there was a burned spot on the ground wire on the harness in the tank. replaced the whole assembly. and still having the same problem.

I suspect there's a wire missing from the sylenoid. It has positive from battery and the purple wire going into firewall. Been trying to find wiring diagram only for starter and ignition. I have no idea what else can do it. Like its absolutely dead. No anything when I turn the key.