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My 2001 chevy 2500 Silverado low coolant light keeps coming on . I put a pressurized gauge on it which didn't show any leaks I've changed the reservoir an cap but the coolant still evaporates after I let the truck run and shut it of I hear a hissing of air but I see no leaking water an the hissing is somewhere near the back top of the motor by the way this is a 6.6 diesel any info on this would be gratefully appreciated
Please forgive a seemingly stupid question. I am a grandmother and not mechanically inclined. My truck would not start when it is high humidity. It turns over but won't catch and when I turn off the key almost starts an then shudders with a loud clang in the motor. A retired mechanic told me a few years ago it was a module that needed replacing. I picked it up and took it to a friend to be installed. He did not believe that the module was a problem and showed me he had loosely installed it but left the old one hanging ( Between the carb and the firewall) so I could return the new part if it made no difference. It worked like a charm until a few years later when they both fell off. I want to pick up a new module but can't remember what it was called. Does anyone know what that module is?
it just wants to not idle and dies when in drive
Jumps out of gear while driving at highway speed .turn truck off and on and it works properly.
cold and hot air
Why won't my ac blow cold air? Installed new compressor, accumulator, bled and recharged system. There are no leaks. Everything works but no cold air.
4wd never engages
I am hearing a rattling noise under the truck and a whistling noise near the TB. It's also hard to start and it shakes. When I try to start it I have to hold the throttle down to open the gas and then it cranks, when Idling it shakes and you can hear a whistling noise around the TB and Distributor. I hava replaced everything from the Distribitor, O2 sensor, cool temp sensor, wires and plugs, I bought a new TBI already put together, replaced the EGR Valve, MAP Sensor, it's been timed 2x,, and whith the new TBI it came all new parts except the housing; yet I am hearing whistling noieses around the TB and underneith the tuck on the side of the battery I hear a slight ratting noise. I am getting codes 12 and 15.
replaced acc belt can't find any loose pulleys gets progressively worse at steering stops/full rt. or lft pump is full,not leaking
has white and black smoke pour out of the exhaust, you can not use the gas pedal it just leaps and ten it takes off really fast
My friend has a 4/4. He walked in to the gas station and he shut it off. Before that it was running fine. He started right up. It sounded like the starter went. We took it in to get it checked out and it works fine. There is gas in the tank.
It's not the distributor, I changed that out. Not coil or emission control module.
I just changed the distributor in my 1999 k2500 and now fuel pump and gauges will not work I also bought a new battery and fuel and ignition relay if I turn the key sometimes it will engage and sometimes it won't you think it can be distributor related?
there is no water showing in the oil. smoke is sweeter smelling.
When we pull anything or it's just driving down the road you can hear and feel it backfire. It has just started recently.
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