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4wd never engages

I am hearing a rattling noise under the truck and a whistling noise near the TB. It's also hard to start and it shakes. When I try to start it I have to hold the throttle down to open the gas and then it cranks, when Idling it shakes and you can hear a whistling noise around the TB and Distributor. I hava replaced everything from the Distribitor, O2 sensor, cool temp sensor, wires and plugs, I bought a new TBI already put together, replaced the EGR Valve, MAP Sensor, it's been timed 2x,, and whith the new TBI it came all new parts except the housing; yet I am hearing whistling noieses around the TB and underneith the tuck on the side of the battery I hear a slight ratting noise. I am getting codes 12 and 15.

replaced acc belt can't find any loose pulleys gets progressively worse at steering stops/full rt. or lft pump is full,not leaking

has white and black smoke pour out of the exhaust, you can not use the gas pedal it just leaps and ten it takes off really fast

My friend has a 4/4. He walked in to the gas station and he shut it off. Before that it was running fine. He started right up. It sounded like the starter went. We took it in to get it checked out and it works fine. There is gas in the tank.

It's not the distributor, I changed that out. Not coil or emission control module.

I just changed the distributor in my 1999 k2500 and now fuel pump and gauges will not work I also bought a new battery and fuel and ignition relay if I turn the key sometimes it will engage and sometimes it won't you think it can be distributor related?

there is no water showing in the oil. smoke is sweeter smelling.

When we pull anything or it's just driving down the road you can hear and feel it backfire. It has just started recently.

I have a '95 k2500 with a '78 model 350 installed. My truck will crank fine and drives ok-ish. (Tends to bog a little in bottom end causing excess gas to be used.) But anyways, my truck will crank just fine and I will accelerate to leave my driveway, and it will go as planned, and then it stalls suddenly and i can feel tension in the gas pedal drop. I can hear a pop/thud on the other side of the firewall (almost like it backfires) and just as quick as it stalls, it picks up again and drives just as usual. (Happens within seconds) The man i bought the truck from disconnected the service engine light in dash due to the truck having no 02 sensors (causing the light to stay on), so I have no clue as to if it is throwing a code or not. Truck used to run like a champ before this started happening. Ive replaced: Plugs/wires, coil,distributor,EGR valve and EGR solenoid, MAP sensor, TPS sensor, IAC sensor, Injectors, rebuilt the TBI and replaced gaskets, Intake gasket, Timing chain (due to a skipped tooth), Fuel Pump, fuel pump relay, both temp sensors (one in head and one by thermostat), and i believe thats all. Im at a loss here. Checked for vacuum leaks and can't find anything. Please Help!

this happen almost every time i take off driving and if am doing 40 MHP i let go the go pedal stays at the same speed once i touch the brake pedal the rpms will drop idle, any help will be appreciated

I recently replaced the Distributor, the cap, the rotor, and the cam sensor in my truck and I started it up then it started throwing a code for the cam sensor so I took the new cam sensor out and put the old one in but its still throwing the code does anyone know what might cause this?

when the transmission fluid has time to get warm after 5 to 8 miles driving and you stop at a traffic light or something,it shifts great and strong no slipping but want shift to overdrive.

any suggestions to why it wont fire, it turns over with a new battery!

On the actuator moved to same position as old one and did not move again when I moved control .and the other actuator want move either .can it be control panel

Automatically when the switch was in the off position. I changed out the wiper motor control board but had no luck . The bed is off of the truck and the rear tail light harness is not hooked up. Could the tail light harness not being hooked up cause the windshield wipers to automatically turn on (high speed)when I start the truck? Im currently doing body work to the bed and thats why it is off of the truck. Just hoping for a quick fix.

Truck has 320000 miles. All new up front need shop to do this. I hate the smell of rear differential gear oil and wont go near it. Otberwise every thing else new on the truck inluding engine and 4l80E trans rebuild. Call me. Ill come to you.

also I can hear in the fuel tank when I turn the truck to on it sounds like it is shooting fuel back into the tank is that normal

Its starving for gas can my fuel pump be the problem

My climate control has completely quit. There aren't any lights on the screen and none of the buttons work. checked/changed the 25 amp fuse, still nothing.

What should I do I already replaced transfer case actuator and left old switch on dash after buying new one and plugging it in nothing!

What should I do I already replaced transfer case acruator and left old switch on dash

What should I do?