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92 chevy truck. A.C. compressor won't engage. Hard jump at both low pressure switch and compressor engage the A.C. With this method I was able to verify that the charge levels both high and low are in the green. Relay and fuse both replaced and working. Green wire at the head unit tested both connected and disconnected. Still won't engage without 12v power directly applied. Any suggestions?
This past fall I replaced the roller lifters in my 7.4 Vortec Chevy K2500. had a very loud lifter tick that started all of the sudden. This was not an exhaust leak. After the tear down of the intake system i discovered 4 lifters that were collapsed and the pushrod seat discs were sideways in their bores in the lifters. he truck seemed to be repaired. The cam and lifters were quiet . Upon return the engine developed a squeak that seemed to get louder. It had to be the rockers. I checked to belt and that's not it.
So off the drivers side valve cover and the rockers are dry. No flow. Mechanical oil pressure gauge (Eqqus brand) shows 55 PSI cold at idle and 20 The push rods were cleaned.Could this be a pushrod sealing issue? are they the same end for end? They measure the same on a micrometer. Is assembly lube blocking the oil flow?
Trucked passed emissions except for gas cap
Took truck back 1 month later and it failed
Hidrocarbons went from 10 - 765
Plugs and rotor were just changed but can't figure out as to why the hydrocarbons jumped so high
Catalytic converter passed so it can be ruled out for repair
Any suggestions ??
Seems I can’t remove it by info I’ve gathered I guessed they change it in 2003
I have a 94 Chevy K 2500 as I'm driving down the road and I give it gas on a hill or even on a straight away it will hesitate and stumble and as I'm climbing Hills the RPMs will reach 2,500 and then drop down to 2,000 RPMs and jump up to 2700 RPMs but my miles per hour will rapidly decline even if I put the pedal to the floor the motor will just hesitate and struggle even more almost like it is trying to die I have replaced the cap to the rotor new spark plugs new ignition coil wires new idle air control new EGR solenoid none of which has fixed the problem does anybody have any suggestions that can help me get my daily driver back on the road and running correctly again
I have a 96 Chevy C/K 2500 3/4 ton pickup. Recently I pulled a large camper with it and had to redneck hookup the lights for the camper since my truck has a 6 and the camper has a 7 (running light hookup). Half way to where I was going my blinkers on my truck quit working completely. I got home and changed my brake/hazard fuse, but they still aren’t working. When you flip the blinker on it doesn’t make the clicking noise or turn on any lights. Could it be another fuse that I haven’t seen that’s blown or do I possibly have a loose connection?
Starter will not engage. Starter was replaced 1000 miles ago. All lights come on in dash, relay under hood clicks. Over 14 volts at battery. It seems something like the neutral switch or some other safety switch. Truck has 185,000 miles on. Where is the neutral switch located. Any help would be appreciated.
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Water leaking from back of engine passenger side looks like a freeze plug
My 2001 chevy 2500 Silverado low coolant light keeps coming on . I put a pressurized gauge on it which didn't show any leaks I've changed the reservoir an cap but the coolant still evaporates after I let the truck run and shut it of I hear a hissing of air but I see no leaking water an the hissing is somewhere near the back top of the motor by the way this is a 6.6 diesel any info on this would be gratefully appreciated
Please forgive a seemingly stupid question. I am a grandmother and not mechanically inclined. My truck would not start when it is high humidity. It turns over but won't catch and when I turn off the key almost starts an then shudders with a loud clang in the motor. A retired mechanic told me a few years ago it was a module that needed replacing. I picked it up and took it to a friend to be installed. He did not believe that the module was a problem and showed me he had loosely installed it but left the old one hanging ( Between the carb and the firewall) so I could return the new part if it made no difference. It worked like a charm until a few years later when they both fell off. I want to pick up a new module but can't remember what it was called. Does anyone know what that module is?
it just wants to not idle and dies when in drive
Jumps out of gear while driving at highway speed .turn truck off and on and it works properly.
cold and hot air
Why won't my ac blow cold air? Installed new compressor, accumulator, bled and recharged system. There are no leaks. Everything works but no cold air.
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