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the heat works when it wants to blows really soft when the switch is on high. it is a 1995 Chevy Tahoe 2 door LT
The rear driver side door is stuck and will not open.
The nut that holds the system together, keeps spinning loose while the motor keeps going and then the arms don't respond...can I weld the arms right to the spline ?
does it have to go to dealer
Engine just stopped running at stop lite. ran great had just traveled 150 miles. think maybe fuel pump or fuel filter any suggestions?
engine is well maintained has 419279 miles on all original. bought it new. trying to make 500000 miles.
Heater doesn't blow any air
Vehicle rpm flucutuates ,then it stalled ,and turns over but takes several times to start,now it's completely dead.
Also a couple weeks ago i had no power or nothing and we hook up cables and it tried to start without key in it.. So we hit the starter and it stopped and started since. But now i have power but turn the key and nothing... Everthing dims down as soon as i turn the key.. No clicking or anything...
When I go to start my car it won't turn over. It just chimes at me. No lights come on. It finally comes to after I try a couple times.
arrow lights on dash working and you can hear flasher. truck is a 4500 cuttaway
I have a 2005 equionox Chevy When I am sitting and ideling the car loses heat and goes to cold air if I rev it up to about 1500 rpm it will start getting warm and throw out good heat but let off the gas and it gets cold again
The heat in my Captiva will not warm up properly. It blows out cold air while sitting and will only heat up when accelerating. Also it has started over heating and losing coolant but can't seem to find where it is going. The oil is fine.
I have a 2001 one Chevy Silverado I have replaced the transfer case and the shift selector box. All the light on the box are on and will not shift. I have checked all connections and all fuses and grounds. Thanks for the help
'96 cavalier. I replaced head gasket. now the engine turns over strong but it won't crank. what are some possible issues I can check? it's a 2.2 engine. checked crank sensor and ground wire.
The heat in the front of my car works fine but the back of the car just blows cold air when I try to turn on the heat.
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