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Not really losing any oil or burning it. Hand will drop but temp guage doesn't rise and get hot.
Loseing water out the reserve tank. Having to add water every day. No visiable leaks. Replaced the pump and new seal. I do have heat when its turned on. Was told the Heater control valve could be closed shut.but no leaks inside or outside the truck
I just had my transmission rebuilt and a new rear end in put in. My problem is now when I put my truck in 4Low everything works but it feels like it's dragging my rear wheel instead of turning them, the same thing happens in 4High. Once I put it back into 2High my truck is still in 4x4 and the way to get it into 2WD is to reverse for about 20 feet and it will be normal.
Found trans fluid on driveway approx mid truck.
When I checked fluid level it reads way too high above full.
I have not added any, could something cause high read or
did someone else have to add it too cause reading?
1994 c1500 base shortbed w/t 4.3 vortec 2wd
truck runs and shifts fine no running issues.
I had a new non EVO power steering pump put on in March of this year, all new front end and steering box as well. I've tried reving the engine to 3K RPM to build up pressure in the power steering pump as some sites suggest and that has no effect. I read somewhere that if the HP pressure line was disconnected theres a part such as an orifice or something like that could be replaced and will fix the problem but I cant find the link or even know for sure if that was correct. There is no whineing or noises coming for the pump and after about 15 MPH the truck can be steered by 1 finger, but below that, it's really hard to turn and impossoble at idle. At normal speeds the wheel doesnt jerk to the right or have any dead spots so I dont believe it's the relay in the steering column (unless that only applies with the EVO style Pump. Does anyone have any suggestions or should I just replace the pump and see what happens. I'm just wondering if maybe theres another issue besides the power steering pump.


The LEDs don't light or flash when the ignition is turned on and the transfer case doesn't reliably shift when the buttons are pushed. Sometimes I can remove power from the PCM and the switch will flash once and transfer case will work once.
New injectors and filter too
When I roll my windows up or down I can hear them catching on something (sometimes extremely loud). When this happens it sometimes catches the door latch and actually opens the door. Needless to say but it is really scary to have a door swing open when making a turn.
i'v been told a 93 or 94 is all that will work in the 94 chevy 2 wheel drive pickup. is this correct ? ? ? ?
run fine as long i got to 30 mile a hour, got worse after a while then no start, replaced plugs and wire and fuel filter, turn over rough i do have sprak on plugs not sure of fuel pressure.
Tested it b4 I put the covers back it won't start. Please help.
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