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we replaced slave cylinder put seal in leaks after installing why
Have changed the bulbs and the circuit board 2 months ago, bulb stayed lite but brake/turn function would not work. Now bulb burned out, changed bulb again still no brake/turn signal. Front turn signal left side works but blinking fast. using a #3057 bulb. connections look good. Checked fuse, also looked good. Truck was hit front left corner 1 year ago. 1998 chevy c 1500 pickup, 6 cyl, 4.3L, 2 wheel rear drive. thank you
Its been setting for 3 1/2 years and it runs fine but im not sure if i should run a specific oil type
The engine is a small block 350. The truck is spewing transmission fluid after I replaced the gasket and reapplied new sealant. I can't find any cracks and everything looks to me the way other should!
Vent does not close.
theres some 32x11.5 R15 tires on the 95 chevy pickup that I just recently purchased. What other sizes can I use? I have found a good deal on 16 inch tires from a newer chevy, will they fit??
94 chevy 1500 silverado 4x4 automatic 350 engine. broke line that goes from passenger side base of radiator to cooler box on transmission. line appears to be metal with fittings on both ends and about the size of a pencil in diameter. found on part that is mostly metal but has a run of rubber hose in the middle. didn't know if that correct part or not.

it does iit it runs smooth for little bit then it starts marketing the noise is my clutch or transmission
I starting to think it is time to put in new motor for the vehicle but wanting to know prices on doing an overhaul on it or would be cheaper to but a new engine in?
Fuel regulator,pump and filter have all been changed twice and fuel line has been blown out .
I was trying to put my truck In 4wd low and it would sound like it would try to shift but the switch would just flash and go back to 2wd and blow a number 2 fuse so I replaced the fuses and tryed again and the same thing happin and tryed it one more time and happin again but the service 4wd light came on and hasn't went off yet it's been on for months now I have power to the motor and switch and front end just nothing happins when I push anything on the 4x4 switch the fuses is good and I check all the wires under the truck for anything and all looks good I been told it could be a switch or transferase seniser or something like that SOMEONE PLZ HELP ME FIXS THIS THANKS
Not really losing any oil or burning it. Hand will drop but temp guage doesn't rise and get hot.
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