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everytime i take the fuel cap off alot of pressure is releast.

I took the door panel off and there does not seem to be a hole to get into replace the actuator motor? Any ideas??

when we move gear shift on steering column the indicator in dash does not move to tell us what gear it is in.

The problem ocurd when I stoped , it died and will not start,it is geting fuel but wont try to start.I put a new cap and roter on it but dident help. ( What do you think )

on my 1996 silverado .just started missing out .yesterday.

the windshield wipers and washers are not working properly on my 1990 chevy k1500. the washer will not work at all and the wipers will work but not all the time. I've read that the problem is a circuit board that controls the wipers but where is it located?

does fuel regulator shut off the fuel pump to regulate pressure or does it just cut of the fuel to the injectors

my fuel pressure is low at schrader valve,can this be caused by regulator? or just the fuel pump?

We have an 88 chevy pickup truck with a 95 engine. The fusible link starts smoking when we try to start it. When we turn the key, it doesn't click or anything. The lights all work, so it isn't the battery. As I understand it, we can replace the fusible link and it will work, but I need to find out what it goes to so I can fix it. Thanks.

where is the oil pressure sending unit on my 1994 silverado 1500 pick up 4 wheel drive. gordon

how much does a 1993 1500 4wd rg cab long bed weigth

where is the wiper washer pump located

Can anyone tell me where the fuse/fuse box is located for the horn on a 95 Chevy 1500?

when i give my truck gas to pull out it sputters and dies

my 350 moter floods after the moter warms up. You have maybe 5 min before it floods. I changed the distributer cap. Was told if there was corrosion it would drive the computer crazy and cause this problem. It was corroded but did't help. Do you think it would be the throdle sensor?

the brake light comes on after a mile or so of driving had brakes checked everything seems brakes good just the light comes on what could cause this?

What causes a Distributor cap to have a burnt hole in from the coil

When the vehicle is cold, everything seems to work, but after warmup the tach, speedometer,and the indicator light on the gearshift quit working. The vehicle then has third gear only.

How do you install a distributor condenser on the alternator in order to reduce the engine noise heard through the radio?

i was driving truck it died on me now it will not start. gas pump has 58 pounds of pressure spark plugs have spark but it will not fire to start.

my fuel injectors on my electric throtal body are putting out to much gas and sucking in to much air what can i do?

with key on and lights on when you turn on the high beams the wipers come on, turn back to low beam and wipers turn off

The dust cap on the front pass wheel is that OK?

the engine has 2009000 miles on it

I need to replace the rear main seal in my truck what is the beat way of doing it?

What type of tranny fluid does it take?

My wiper pump is not working. Can you tell me where it is located and how to replace it?

gurgling sound from heater core area when rpm increases have replaced radiator,thermostat,radiator cap,heater core, sound still there. have left radiator cap off while motor runs to operating temp hoping to relieve air in system no change.

sound occurs when rpm increases have replaced heater core,thermostat,radiator,radiator cap

truck misfires during acceleration